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Quotation Marks – Bob’s Burgers, Off the Map, and True Blood … sorta

Take a look back at the week in quotes, as the Clique offers up our favorites of the week. If we missed yours, share it in the comments!

It is a sad, sad week in the world of Quotation Marks. With such limited offerings from the Clique, there must have been some funny, or poignant, or, you know spoken quotes that we missed this week. If you’ve got one, share it in the comments!

Quotes from the Ether

“ Recording a song for True Blood at the moment. I wonder if it will be played over top of vampires “doin’ it” really fast…” — @NekoCase

Bob’s Burgers (Review)

“I thought I told you, Bob: You and your spaghetti aren’t welcome here …” – Mr. Frond, Tina’s Conflict Resolution teacher
“But I want to say something …” – Bob
“No, thank you. I’ve had enough of your ‘hurt speech’ …” – Mr. Frond
“Would it make a difference if … I worked on my ‘ABS’?” – Bob
“Oh …” – Mr. Frond
“I want to … ‘A’ … what was ‘A’ again?” – Bob
“Anus …” – Louise
Amyl nitrate …” – Gene
“Access … access my feelings …” – Bob
“Okay, okay, okay, okay … enough, enough, enough, enough … everyone’s out to kill each other here … let’s … let’s eat … !!!” – Mr. Frond

Off the Map (Review)

“I told her I was working with one of the best doctors around. If anyone could fix her, he could.” – Charlie
“Yeah, I should probably get Keaton to look at this.” – Fuller
“I wasn’t talking about Keaton [they share a long look].” – Charlie
“I’ll see what I can do.” – Fuller
“Why, is Cole busy?” – Charlie

“Okay, well, then you better stop looking like someone just shot a puppy.” – Clark
“I hate puppies … They poop and then sit in your lap.” – Zee


Photo Credit: HBO

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