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Ringer – It finally gets good!

I was just about to give up on 'Ringer' and then it went and shocked me in the last 30 seconds! Will it continue to improve from here?

- Season 1, Episode 4 - "It's Gonna Kill Me, but I'll Do It"

Forty minutes into tonight’s Ringer, I was ready to give up reviewing the show and move it to the catch-up-on-the-weekend slot on my DVR. That was until the last 30 seconds. Wow! Given the slow pace of the series so far, I definitely did expect to hear Bridget say this, “I’m not who you think I am. I’m not Siobhan. I’m Bridget.” I like the potential partnership that Bridget and Gemma can have together. Though, from the preview, it looks like that will not come easy, if at all.

Up until Bridget blurted out those words, I was bored. I don’t understand where the story is going and that bothers me. Why does Siobhan hate her sister so much? I’m guessing it has something to do with Sean, but how can she hate her enough to kill her own twin? From the flashbacks, that doesn’t jive. While Siobhan is clearly upset with Bridget, she has always appeared deep down to care about Bridget.

In Paris, Siobhan is on a mission that looks to be about money and she is using Tyler Barrett (Justin Bruening) to do it. I don’t like Siobhan and to be honest, I don’t care what she is doing. I wonder if the show would have been better if she had actually died. We haven’t been given any explanation about why she is framed her sister, disappeared, who she is working with or anything about her end game. Now that we have seen movement in the stateside story with Bridget, I hope we see more explanation on the other side of the ocean.

Bridget’s reveal to Gemma is enough to bring me back for one more week; I hope that isn’t a mistake. Was it enough to keep you interested?

Other stuff:

  • I didn’t miss Malcolm at all. If he isn’t there to support Bridget, I’m not sure why he is part of the story. Will Macawi kill him?
  • When Gemma overheard Bridget and Henry talking, I was disappointed. I thought …. really? But, the show surprised me.
  • An episode without Olivia … yes, please more!
  • I like Tyler Barrett. I’m not sure if it is more because of the character or Justin Bruening, but I hope he sticks around. Well, and that the nice guy isn’t screwed over by Siobhan.
  • The birthday necklace was a nice touch to show us the sisters growing up and to show their feelings after they had a falling out.


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4 Responses to “Ringer – It finally gets good!”

October 4, 2011 at 11:37 PM

My expectation from the series previews was that the first season would be about Bridget adapting to and surviving in Siobhan’s life and the reveal that Siobhan had faked her death would be around episode 11 or 13 – or at the S1 finale if it got a full season episode order. Switching between the twins from the get go, allowing neither of them the screen time to develop, makes them both appear unsympathetic.

October 5, 2011 at 12:00 AM

After the first episode, I wrote that I hoped we found out more about what Siobhan was doing. But, the way it has played out I haven’t liked. I think you might be on to something. I don’t think SMG is doing a great job playing both characters, unfortunately, so I think that is part of it too. Anna Torv, she is not.

October 6, 2011 at 3:50 AM

I starting watching this show with the intention of seeing it through to the end. Loved the actors they chose, and loved the premise. I watched so many promos that I wasn’t surprised when the pilot didn’t wow me – they’d already given away most of the secrets for the episode. The following episodes were decent, but not powerful enough for me to bump another show and watch it live.

But this episode blew the hatch for me. The dream sequence brilliantly showed how afraid Bridget is that the man she’s falling in love with will find out who she really is. The flashbacks provided more emotional insight into the sisters’ past. And the ending was amazing!

I don’t care about Siobhan at all at this point in the story, but I don’t mind. I’m fine with her being the villain in my mind, and having her intentions kept murky should lead to more surprises in the future.

You said you were bothered by not knowing where the story is going, but I like that aspect of Ringer. Knowing that they have three seasons of twists planned out gives me enough assurance that the writers know what they’re doing.

I think I would have been more surprised if someone didn’t overhear one of Henry and Bridget’s conversations. They weren’t being very subtle about it, kind of odd considering Henry’s been keeping it hidden for over a year. But maybe he’s wanting (even if only subconsciously) to get things out in the open, to force her hand.

Very much looking forward to the next episode!

November 6, 2011 at 6:34 AM

I liked episode 3 but not episode 4. Episode 5 was meh, a lot of character inconsistencies. I hope Gemma isn’t gone for good, I like her despite the character inconsistencies.

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