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Survivor – The merge only makes things more confusing

Colton's gone, the tribes have merged, but you really can't tell who's aligned with whom without a scorecard.

- Season 24, Episode 7 - "The Beauty In a Merge"

Troy wins first individual immunity challenge

Now that Colton’s gone, things are more confusing than ever on Survivor. His removal from the game has certainly had an impact, but before we get to that I do want to share some information about Colton, his condition and the controversy over him keeping the immunity idol. Colton made the press rounds last week and related that he had a bacterial infection that required two rounds of antibiotics, not appendicitis. Colton also claims that he wanted to give his immunity idol to Christina because he had talked with Jonas prior to his illness and Alicia was the intended target at Tribal, but the producers told him he could not give it away. He also claims that after seeing himself behaving so badly on TV, he’s become a changed person. However, Jeff Probst also said in an interview that he doesn’t think Colton will ever return to the game precisely because of his terrible behavior … but he could be wrong too. I think it’s obvious after this week’s show why he couldn’t give his idol away — they probably didn’t want three of them in play. The real question is: Did Colton’s unexpected removal from the game force the merge earlier than it was supposed to have happened?

I only ask that question because no sooner have the two tribes merged, they’re forced to separate again for the reward challenge, this time forming two new alliances for this one game. I don’t know about you, but I really have no idea who’s aligned with whom at this point. Is it original Manono men against the original Salani women, is it the new Manono tribe against the new Salani tribe, or the reward challenge winners (who know that there is a new hidden immunity idol in the game … well, there was until Troy found it) against the reward challenge losers? I think everyone is actually playing pretty smart at this point and keeping their options open … well, the women are. The new Salani tribe seems to be sticking together, but the other Manono women are still being kept in the loop so when it comes down to it, the women will have the numbers against the men.

Of course, the men — who seemed to be the dominant player when the season started — have completely fallen apart as a tribe. Tarzan is driving everyone crazy, and somehow he and Jonas have become worst enemies. Tarzan even “quit” the tribe after he and Jonas had words about a plan he may or may not have told Jonas about two days earlier (and with Tarzan you never really know what he thinks might be going on), but they made up when it became obvious the men needed to stick together at Tribal … making the target Kat because she doesn’t do anything around camp (and she actually helped her team get caught up in the reward challenge after Leif got stuck under an obstacle and put them way behind). I would think if Jonas and Colton had planned to take out Alicia, that he would have proposed her name to the men instead of Kat, but she laid kind of low this week. Meanwhile, the women suddenly consider Jonas a threat because … he cooks for them.

Things went haywire again at Tribal as Jonas seemed like an animal backed into a corner after he found out he was Public Enemy Number One in the new Tikiano tribe, so what better way to protect yourself than to start announcing at Tribal your plan and who you’re voting for. Jonas in panic mode is not a good thing, and after he decided to throw Mike under the bus because he didn’t have the numbers to take out Kat (who was shocked that her name even came up), Tarzan had another fit and announced that he was now voting for Jonas because he didn’t respect anything Jonas just did. And apparently neither did anyone else, because as they all ganged up on Tarzan, Jonas suddenly became the loose cannon no one could trust, chef or not, and he was sent packing (although Leif voted for Mike too) to become the first jury member.

I worried last week that without Colton’s antics stirring the pot, that the show would become dull as the water Tarzan boils his (poopy?) drawers in, but as long as the remaining tribe members keep blurring their tribal alliances for a while, this could still be an interesting game.

“Good luck with that food situation.” — Chef Jonas, after he was voted off the island.

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3 Responses to “Survivor – The merge only makes things more confusing”

March 29, 2012 at 12:30 PM

This is the worst group of survivors ever. They are vicious human beings, i.e. Colton/Alicia who you don’t even love to hate, you just despise them. They make your skin crawl. Or they are so completely out there, they are unpalatable. i.e. Tarzan/Kat. Or they have zero personality and are not getting any screen time to actually care about them.

Usually I would root for an underdog, and in the case, it would be Lief, but he has received very poor editing; only showing him sleeping in the box (casket) or having difficulty getting his new buff on over his hat. Very poor casting and equally poor editing this season. There is actually no one to root for, only against.

And for TPTB please, DO NOT ever bring back Colton.

March 29, 2012 at 1:59 PM

Totally agree with bobC. What’s more shocking for me is that Alicia is a Special Education Teacher. Can you imagine seeing her behavior realizing she taught your child? Revolting. There is no one really worth my 43 minutes on Wednesday. I’m giving it 1 maybe 2 episodes and then I’m done.

March 29, 2012 at 7:31 PM

The only one I actually sort of liked was Jonas, now he is gone. Now it is just a matter of who do I hate least. Honestly, I don’t like this version of the game, I liked Redemption Island.

At least Colton is gone, I only wish he would have left by being eaten by a shark.

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