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Pretty Little Liars — Dead girls can’t smile

When keepsakes from Ali's grave start showing up in the Liars' possession, the girls continue to question who else may be involved in the recent crimes surrounding their friend's murder.

- Season 3, Episode 2 - "Blood is the New Black"

Alternate title: “Pretty Little Liars — Bitch can see!” (Thanks for that amazing closing line, Aria.)

The second episode of PLL’s third season includes lots of little details, but (big surprise!) no definitive answers.

Where to start? Let’s begin with the little tokens of “A”ffection that start showing up in the girls’ possession. First off: the “Dead Girls Can’t Smile” Bracelet that causes Emily to nearly have a heart attack. (By the way, I loved how Hanna randomly knows all about teeth from answering phones at a dental office for two days!)

Then, there was the mysterious earring that Aria thought was Meredith’s (her father’s fling, who is back for a teaching position at the high school — yippee). This of course dates back to a couple years back, when Ali and Aria trash her dad’s office to frame Meredith after finding what they assumed was her earring. But, apparently, it is not. However, we do know that Aria placed the earring in Ali’s grave before her burial, and someone insane has recovered it and placed it in her locker.

Emily’s a mess, I gotta say. Despite Mona being the one in the insane ward, Emily isn’t far behind her. She has gone through hell in the past six months — actually, longer, if you count what all the girls have gone through since Alison’s murder. Now the poor girl is just trying to pass her Ethan Frome without having visions of Jenna driving her to a crime scene.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about Ella “helping” Emily on her exam. I don’t know what I would have done in her position. On one hand, nobody would know (well, except “A,” of course) that it wasn’t Emily who answered those questions correctly, and I know she cares about Emily and wants her to pass. On the other hand, how can you do something that dishonest as a teacher, and as a mom and role model to young people? I probably wouldn’t have finished her test for her. If she ended up failing it, I would have had her do a different type of assignment, maybe a project or a take-home test, in order to better ensure that she pass.

Moving on to Garrett. Is it bad that I think he looks cuter all disheveled and sleep-deprived? Or maybe it’s the neon orange prison uniform that does it. (Kidding.) You know what, I don’t even really feel like going into why Spencer’s mom is taking him on as her client (or is she?). I did wonder whose medical records he was talking about with Spencer. That conversation, plus the eye drops Toby shows Spencer, plus the whole pick-the-earring-up-put-it-back-down thing in the bathroom (hence, “Bitch can see!”), pretty much lets the Liars know that Jenna is not blind anymore. And the fact that Emily had flashbacks of Jenna driving the car before she knew anything about her sight is a good sign that she is remembering correctly and is not just projecting an idea upon her own memory.

Questions I have at this point:

  • Are Aria’s dad and Meredith actually going to date now? Ew.
  • Will Mona prove to be a help to the girls, or will she just drag them in further and then trick them?
  • Is Spencer’s mom really representing Garrett?
  • How will the Liars use their knowledge about Jenna’s sight to their advantage?
  • Whose earring did Aria find?
  • Will “A” threaten Ella for helping Emily cheat?
  • What, if any, trinkets will Hanna and Spencer receive from Ali’s grave?

Pretty Little Quotes:

“You guys just ripped me a new one last week for visiting her. Now you want me to go back there with cupcakes?” — Hanna, protesting the Liars’ idea that she see visit Mona at the clinic to get answers

“Is it just me, or is she blinder than she was last year?” — Aria, referring to Jenna

“I can’t think of him as Mr. Fitz anymore. I’ve seen his underwear drawer.” — Emily’s rationale for not calling Ezra for tutoring
“Those were his socks.” — Aria
“Why would his socks have a flap in the middle?” — Spencer

“Spencer? Somebody you know well has you completely fooled. People lie, but … medical records don’t.” — Garrett”

“Real teeth or not, that was definitely stolen from Ali’s grave.” — Spencer, in reference to the “Dead Girls Can’t Smile” bracelet

“I’m having an ambiguous loss.” — Hanna, identifying the clinical term for her feelings toward Mona
“You’re what?” — Caleb, incredulous
“That’s what it’s called, when someone dies but they’re still here.” — Hanna

“Don’t look at me! I’m ready to hang a sign: ‘Bitch can see!'” — Aria, after the girls saw Jenna pick up the earring in the bathroom and look at it


Photo Credit: ABC Family

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