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Pretty Little Liars – What happened to Melissa’s baby?

When Mona tells Hanna that you can't trust anybody -- even family -- is she trying to tell her that Spencer's sister Melissa is responsible for a portion of "A"s deadly games? And what exactly happened to Melissa's baby?

- Season 3, Episode 3 - "Kingdom of the Blind"

At first, I thought that this episode of Pretty Little Liars was going to be mostly filler.

But then, some crazy stuff started happening! I’ll list them in order of importance/shock value:

  • Spencer does some poking around and finds out that Melissa never stayed at a hospital in June when she claims she lost her baby. Instead, she stayed at a resort (The Hanover) for a few extra days, where her mom met her. Nobody will come clean to Spencer about when Melissa actually lost the baby.
  • The girls use a note written on a post it — “H. Cobb, 4:15 Wednesday, earplugs” — to follow Jenna. When they see her driving the same car Emily remembers being in the night she was abducted, they confront Jenna, who admits to having Emily in the car but only with the intention of dropping her off at home. She begs the Liars not to tell anyone that she can see because she fears she is still a target.
  • Mona, now on a “happy drug,” gets visits from Lucas and Caleb, and, during Caleb’s visit, has a screaming meltdown (and I’m unsure whether that was real or fake).
  • Aria’s mom gets called to speak with the¬†administration¬†about an anonymous note accusing the teacher of favortism. Although Ella did in fact help Emily cheat by finishing her test for her, Ezra steps in and deflects the blame to protect Ella.
  • Spencer’s mom is in fact representing Garrett — pro bono.

I was unsure what the Queen of Hearts represented (seen in Mona’s hand at the very end of the episode as she sings “In The Eye Abides The Heart” — quite beautifully, I might add). I have a feeling that all of those card games she mentioned in her conversation with Caleb have some meaning, but I’m not sure what that is right now.

I have always felt bad for Spencer. Her family is nuts. And not only does nobody include her in any decisions or discussions, but it’s as if she’s invisible unless they need her for something. I get so frustrated every time I see her trying to have a conversation with her mother or her sister, who obviously confide in each other and not in Spencer. When did Melissa lose the baby, and how? And, more importantly, what did Garrett have to do with it? Is he actually the father?

The girls seemed pretty thrilled to catch Jenna in her lie. However, they did exchange that “look” indicating that they did find her story to be believable. Emily had been really drunk that night, and I think the girls realized that Jenna was trying to show a little humanity, the way that Hanna did when she pulled her out of the fire in Season 2.

One more thing I noticed tonight: this episode was completely free of texts from “A.” (Unless you count the “anonymous student” who told on Ella. But for the most part, the girls were left alone.)

Pretty Little Quotes:

“Are we getting a little paranoid right now?” — Aria, reacting to Emily’s fear that someone altered her test score
“You’re not paranoid if someone’s out to get you.” — Emily

“Dude, you tried to set fire to my girlfriend.” — Caleb
“Yeah, sorry about that; I was being ground down by a trivial bureaucracy.” — Lucas

“Garrett was talking about medical records — we thought he was talking about Jenna’s.” — Hanna, realizing that Garrett might be the father of Melissa’s baby
“Jenna’s medical records might not have changed your mother’s mind, but … Melissa’s …” — Emily

“It’s better for a lot of people if Mona stays crazy. Right?” — Lucas

“Spence, did you call the hospital?” — Hanna
“Yeah, I called.” — Spencer
“Are they sending the records?” — Aria
“There aren’t any records.” — Spencer
“Whats that supposed to mean?” — Emily
“It means that Melissa didn’t lose her baby in June.” — Spencer

“You have to promise not to tell.” — Jenna
“That you can see?” — Emily
“Are you kidding?” — Spencer
“I am still a target.” — Jenna
“For who?” — Aria
“If I knew that, then I wouldn’t have to hide.” — Jenna


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8 Responses to “Pretty Little Liars – What happened to Melissa’s baby?”

June 19, 2012 at 11:11 PM

The Queen of Hearts was in Jennas hand.

June 20, 2012 at 3:06 AM

In the ending when “A” is drinking the alcohol (right after Mona’s sings) the background music is the same melody that Aria was playing in her duet with Jenna. This melody is the sped up version of “In The Eye Abides The Heart” – which would show some corralation between Jenna and Mona possibly?

June 20, 2012 at 5:08 AM

When “A” was drinking the alcohol in the end what came on my mind was vodka water. Go back to season 1 when wren ordered that drink when he was at the grill with spencer Melissa and their father. Hmmmm?!

June 20, 2012 at 10:59 AM

Jaimelyn and Rachell — good noticing/remembering! I thought that the song was the same for all three scenes, but I couldn’t be sure. And I totally forgot about that detail with Wren ordering the vodka water…it’s crazy how this show throws in such minute details that eventually mean a lot.

June 20, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Ah! Nice Rachell!! This is all so baffling. Is it Tuesday yet!?!?

June 20, 2012 at 2:35 PM

wait who is wren?? you guys are talking about in season ?

June 24, 2012 at 11:42 AM

Wren is the British doctor who was once engaged to Spencer’s sister.

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