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Supernatural Virgin Diary – Rounding the corner to the first season finale

I like it when 'Supernatural's' Sam and Dean's lives aren't so easy. Heart attacks and ex- girlfriends are much more interesting than ghouls and goblins.


This Supernatural Virgin Diary is clearing the new-show jitters, and doldrums that any show can experience mid-season, and is beginning to build to the first season finale.

Episode 13, “Faith”

I’m a big fan of Julie Benz, and I think she did a wonderful job in this episode. When the reaper turned on Sue Ann, the show could have easily pivoted to a happy ending: the reaper transferring Sue Ann’s life on to Layla. I was surprised by the choice, but going with the “easy out” would have prevented the final scene between Dean and Layla. I always appreciate when stories in all realms of popular culture can find a way to respect people of faith without the story becoming completely about that faith. Layla’s line — obviously paraphrased — about faith needing to be present during the good times and the bad was perfect.

I also enjoyed Dean’s mini-arc in this episode. He had no conscious role in the death of the 27 year old swimmer, but being the all-around hero type that he is, the guilt weighed heavily on him, seen specifically with his interaction with Layla. This is a storyline I hope that sticks around for a while; heroes with burdens are so much more interesting than those without.

Episode 14, “Route 666″

“Don’t leave the house … please?”

I know that Mrs. Robinson’s story about how her husband had killed Cyrus so many years ago was supposed to be an emotional moment, but it didn’t come across that way. It’s a shame, too, because the story was emotional, but the performance was a just a bit over the top for me.

I don’t know a whole lot about the Mississippi River, but the fishing boats looked like deep sea boats to me, no?

And I’m assuming the road wasn’t supposed to be Route 66, as it crosses the River in the very opposite of a small backwater town (St. Louis, for those keeping track).

But I shouldn’t let the details get in the way of a pretty good story, eh?

Episode 15, “Nightmare”

Did I miss Dean getting new toys? That whositmacallit was much cooler the the tech he’s been using before. CGI lasers even!

I’m glad we finally got back to Sam’s abilities, and the connection between Max’s mother and the boy’s was pretty interesting. I’m always afraid of positing theories during Virgin Diary series, but it’s becoming pretty obvious at this point that Dean knows more about what’s going on with his brother. It even snuck into my head during the final scene on “Nightmare” that Dean actually knew something about whatever it was that killed their mother and Jess. Holding something like that back, however, is pretty weighty stuff.

Episode 16, “The Benders”

“Don’t sell yourself short; you’re pretty sloppy.”

Only on television — and movies — are people dumb enough to turn on a flashlight with the beam pointed directly at their face. Dean is a professional demon hunter, he should know better for crying out loud!

Is this the first episode where the case involved no demonic activity at all? I know Sam and Dean have faced off with demons controlling humans … and humans controlling demons, but these guys were just pure, weirdo human. The daughter in-particular freaked me out.

One of the things that strikes me most about Supernatural is it isn’t afraid to be dark. Between Max’s suicide in “Nightmares” to Kathleen’s shooting of the father, this show doesn’t pull punches. The endings are rarely perfectly happy, which suits the overarching theme much better than I expected.

Supernatural Virgin Diary The boys fight like cats and dogs [51GDJSfwlfL. SL160 ] (IMAGE)  Supernatural Virgin Diary The boys fight like cats and dogs [51Nvrey2F4L. SL160 ] (IMAGE)

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2 Responses to “Supernatural Virgin Diary – Rounding the corner to the first season finale”

June 29, 2012 at 9:08 AM

Hmm. Your theories about Dean’s knowledge are interesting. Can I ask what makes you think he knows any more than Sam? I will say that for Dean holding things back and keeping secrets, especially from Sam, is not in his nature. Sam is definitely the more secretive of the brothers. He holds a lot of stuff back, and it drives Dean up a wall. Another recurring theme of their relationship throughout the series.

You are correct that Dean and guilt are a perfect match. It’s something he struggles with again and again throughout the series. Sam too, especially in later seasons, but Sam has less of a hero complex than Dean and he also has slightly more self-esteem I think, maybe due to the fact that he actually got out of the hunting life (and away from his father) for a while. So he’s more able to forgive himself for things and move forward than Dean is.

The Benders is one of my favorite episodes. I loved the idea that just plain old people could be crazier and scarier than monsters. And I really enjoyed the character of Kathleen. I liked that the ending, at least for her, was really quite bleak and sad. She got revenge (or at least it’s heavily implied that she did) but she still has to live with the loss and the trauma. Like you said, Supernatural isn’t afraid to be dark.

July 2, 2012 at 1:11 AM

Faith was my first introduction to Julie Benz, so I was shocked to see her in Angel playing a totally different character. What a great actress! Your theory about Dean knowing more is a good premonition about what’s to come.

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