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The Wire Virgin Diary – The Greek isn’t greek

‘The Wire’ lives up to its reputation as season two comes to a close, erasing all of my frustrations with the first half of the season.

by Ivey West

Breaking Bad Virgin Diary – Damn you, writer’s strike

This truly impressive first season ends as strongly as it began.

by Dan Meier

Supernatural Virgin Diary – All good things …

Fans of ‘Supernatural’ are probably happy that this Virgin Diary is coming to a close. I didn’t fall in love with it like everyone expected me to.

by Ivey West

The Wire Virgin Diary – The little king of everything

‘The Wire’s second season is coming to a close. For those of you that have seen it, you know that this means Ziggy does a stupid, stupid thing.

by Ivey West

Supernatural Virgin Diary – Reunited and it feels …

I finally return to my Virgin Diary of ‘Supernatural’ after too long of a break. Will Sam and Dean ever forgive me?

by Ivey West

The Wire Virgin Diary – Frank vs the Greek

Season Two of ‘The Wire’ has been a struggle for me, but I enjoyed these episodes, probably because the case against the union boys is finally gathering some steam.

by Ivey West

Lost Virgin Diary – Goodbye strangers, it’s been nice; hope you find your paradise

The end has finally come. I just completed the final season of ‘Lost’ and this will be my last Virgin Diary entry on the series. Join me for one final look at my favorite group of stranded castaways. Did they all finally make it back home?

by Kim Tibbs
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