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The Wire Virgin Diary – Frank vs the Greek

Season Two of 'The Wire' has been a struggle for me, but I enjoyed these episodes, probably because the case against the union boys is finally gathering some steam.

Another week, another entry my Virgin Diary for The Wire. These two episodes were definitely an improvement over the last several. I hate that I’ve been so negative, but that certainly changes this week.

Season Two, Episode Seven: “Backwash”

“I figured I’d get drunk first.”
“Good plan.”

The fallout from D’Angelo’s death is much more emotional than “operational” at this point. As he died in the last episode, I was wondering if anyone was involved beyond Stringer. D’s mother is definitely ruthless enough, but certainly not heartless. Avon, on the other hand, I could definitely see involved in some way. A “businessman” such as he is wouldn’t let anything threaten his business, including his family. That Stringer acted alone wasn’t a big surprise, but I could have seen the story going another way.

I have a feeling, though, that his actions will be weighing on his conscience for long time. Comforting Brianna and Avon when he was the one that caused their pain is incredibly disingenuous. If he ends up doing any more “comforting” of D’s baby mama, he’ll have stepped well past the line. Mr. Bell best hope that his secret never comes to life, as I do not expect Avon to be forgiving in the least.

It was great to see some actual police work. Sure, we were saddled with the Abbott and Costello routine that is Herc and Carver, but even that exercise bore fruit. Much more beneficial – at least in the short run – was the detail following the stolen can and linking it to Proposition Joe.

Daniels trying to step into a game that might well be beyond his talent and capabilities. Taking on the murders was a high-risk, high-reward move, but his luck playing politics with the big boys has not been such that the risk is worth it.

Episode Eight: “Duck and Cover”

“Takes a whore to catch a whore.”

Truer words have never been spoken than Freamon’s appeal to Daniels on McNulty’s behalf. Jimmy is one hell of a screw-up, but he is dogged when he gets pulled into a case. His addition to the detail finally puts the proverbial band back together.

The Sobotka boys are smarter than I’ve given them credit for. Nick is actually turning a pretty nice profit moving product for the Russian. While things are going nicely for him now, I don’t expect that will continue for him much longer. He’s the easiest mark for the detail to take down. Plus, with Ziggy around tossing money out of cars, Nick is keeping the wrong company.

Uncle Frank is also steering a course into uncharted territory. He’s fighting tooth and nail to save his union, but has sold his soul to the Devil to do so. The problem is he doesn’t know what we know … that The Greek is just that scary. Pushing him the way that Frank did as the episode came to a close was crossing a line he was too blind to see.

While I haven’t been able to care much for what is left of the drug dealer’s story this year, Brody’s attempts to take back their territory was fun to watch. He and Puddin’ seemed like such afterthoughts last season, but D’Angelo actually spent time trying to teach them, and that “education” has paid off.

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