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Haven Virgin Diary – The troubles are back

'Haven' has been on my list of shows to catch up on for quite a while. And, only now am I finally getting around to it. If you've already watched the show, enjoy my ignorance as I visit the town of Haven for the first time.

When Haven first premiered, I don’t remember hearing much, if anything, about it. But, last year at San Diego Comic-Con, several TV bloggers mentioned that they loved it and were excited about the start of season two. I initially planned on catching up then and watching season two live, but it just never happened. I probably got stuck in DVR-hell or something and then the fall season started.

So, this summer I decided no matter what I was going to watch Haven. Of course it is now the beginning of July and I am only now starting it. I plan on watching the first two seasons over the next week if at all possible with my schedule. Every three or four episodes, I’ll write up some brief thoughts on the episodes.

If you’ve already watched Haven, I hope you enjoy my ignorance and journey through the mystery. If you haven’t watched the show, join me and watch it for the first time!

Episode 1: “Welcome to Haven”

The first Haven episode was a nice introduction to the town, the oddities of the people there, and the mysterious past of Agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose).

Showing Jonas Lester’s death was an effective way to present that this was not an ordinary murder. He was killed by someone with superhuman abilities. When Agent Parker was assigned the case and Agent Howard said, “FBI is non-fiction work, I need you to keep it that way,” it was obvious she was the right person for the job.

Who is Audrey Parker? Agent Howard obviously knows more about her than she does. And, who was he talking to on the phone? Presumably, someone in Haven, Maine. I hope that mystery doesn’t drag out too long. Someone needs her help.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the Haven residents. It was unclear to me whether Nathan did know and believe Marion had powers or if he trying to hide it from Audrey. His lack of physical pain and feeling creates a unique situation as well. I’m not convinced he doesn’t have a power to compensate for that deficiency. Also, his relationship with the Chief, while not friendly will certainly come into play.

Duke Crocker is an unknown, but was very charming. Audrey and Duke had some funny moments that hopefully will continue. While the old newspaper men are sure to be a source of information for Audrey. The quirky duo will be a hoot to watch. (Yes, I said, “hoot.”)

The first episode hooked me. Ready to watch more!

“A princess phone, really?” — Parker
“You really need to work on your thank yous.” — Duke Crocker

“She’s staying. Maybe she can help you with your troubles.” — Agent Howard

Episode 2: “Butterfly”

Since Audrey decided to stay in town, she helped Nathan out on a case. It started with a big metal ball destroying a bar, which led the investigation to Reverend Driscoll. Nathan hid his relationship with the Reverend’s daughter, Hannah, from Audrey. Bizarre occurrences started including the big metal ball, Audrey’s encapsulation by a cocoon, the Reverend choked by his necklace then almost hit by an unmanned car, and lastly an electrical explosion at the school.

The show successfully set up red herrings for most of the episode until a series of truths were revealed. Bobby unknowingly was hurting people with his dreams. Haven is proving to be a mystical place! In the end, Nathan and Audrey were able to manipulate his dream to help him resolve his survivor’s guilt over his parents’ deaths.

It’s a bit odd that Audrey doesn’t really question the sanity of what is happening in Haven. She just takes it as fact without any hesitation. That’s refreshing to see. After the first episode, I wondered if Nathan believed what was happening or not. We found out that answer from the Reverend when he said, “That boy, isn’t one of god’s people, he is one of yours.”

What exactly happened to Nathan? We didn’t have to wait long to find that out either. “Troubles” started in Haven in 1983, but then went away. And, now they are starting again. That ‘s not good for the town. The Chief offered Audrey a job in Haven and she really has no choice but to take it. Her desire to investigate the Colorado Kid is intense. Is there a connection between Audrey’s search and the “troubles?”

Audrey and Nathan’s investigation looks like it is going to be a major storyline. And, Nathan’s fear will drive it, as he said, “They are back. I’m afraid they won’t go away this time.”

 Episode 3: “Harmony”

A psychiatric facility goes crazy — more crazy than usual. The doctor goes insane, while the patients are cured. Only in Haven would this be possible.

As has become the norm, well, as much the norm as you can get in three episodes, the initial suspect is not the culprit of the trouble. In this case, when a patient’s husband played music, the insane were cured. Unfortunately, his music caused everyone else to go crazy.

At least, they found a solution that would protect the community while allowing Ray and Lily to live happily together.

Duke was back after being absent in the second episode. He actually helped with the situation which was a nice character development. I really want to know what the heck happened between Nathan and Duke though to make them so hostile towards each other. Initially I thought maybe they were brothers, but perhaps they were just good friends that had a falling out. With one a criminal and the other a cop, it can’t be an easy relationship.

But, Duke is now in the know as we found out when he asked Audrey, “The troubles are back, aren’t they?”

Audrey also got a lead about her potential mother. The florist noticed the resemblance and came up with the name, Lucy. Is Lucy the right name? And, is she’s Audrey’s mother? I’m glad that we are getting little clues about the Colorado Kid mystery each episode.


The first three episodes have me hooked. There isn’t a character that I don’t like so far. They each have their quirks, but that’s what makes the show enjoyable. Also, I like that I never really know what is coming next. This isn’t a superheroes show like Heroes or Alphas, it is a show about a small town that has strange happenings. And, the fun is finding out what is causing it, plus, the added historical mystery about Audrey and her birth family.

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3 Responses to “Haven Virgin Diary – The troubles are back”

July 4, 2012 at 1:18 PM

I’ve seen all the episodes so far and believe me it only gets weirder!
But great fun! I love this show!

July 4, 2012 at 11:10 PM

All I can tell you is keep watching! Season 1 picks up around episode 7 and then on is mystery, one after the other! Post more when you can.

July 5, 2012 at 12:33 AM

Haven really is one of the most addictive shows out there, so beware! But it’s also incredible.

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