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Lost Virgin Diary – The plot thickens as things on the island get more sinister

I’m barreling along through Season 3 of ‘Lost’ and the plots are starting to get more sinister. The one about Nikki & Paulo took this show to new levels involving the macabre and I loved it.

Join me for another Virgin Diary entry on my favorite stranded castaways. This time I’m taking on more of Season 3, from Episode 9, “Stranger in a Strange Land,” through Episode 19, “The Brig.”

I think I’ve been watching too many episodes of Lost lately. Last week I had a dream in which I was with Jack and we had survived something horrible together. No, we weren’t on a plane and we didn’t end up stranded on an island. We were in a building that had collapsed and there was chaos everywhere, as many were wounded and dying and then some of the dying were turning into zombies. The more I think about it, my dream was like a cross between Lost and The Walking Dead, which is ironic considering the recent turn of events this season.

I’m not sure what that really says about my subconscious but I thought it was an amusing anecdote to share. At least I was with Jack and not somebody like Ana Lucia. I don’t remember how the dream ended but I’m sure Jack was probably able to come up with a plan and get me out safely. Have any of you ever dreamed about Lost or is it just me?

Well, I finally got my question about Locke’s paralysis answered in this round of episodes! I can’t believe how cold his father was, pushing him out an eight-story window and leaving him to die. I don’t fully understand why Locke blew up the submarine and has now left with “The Others,” leaving Jack, Kate and the rest of his group behind, but I trust that there must be a method to his madness. It appears that he has successfully infiltrated Ben’s group, thanks to Sawyer doing his dirty work. At least Sawyer finally got his revenge for his parents’ death, but I wonder if that is really going to make him find any inner peace with himself. My guess is not.

The show has gone from feeling like something out of The Twilight Zone to something a little more sinister and macabre this week. As a person who is terrified of spiders and most creepy crawlies, I’ve been wondering about the bug situation on the island because we really haven’t seen any up until this point except bees, yet the jungle is certain to be teeming with them. That question was finally answered for me with the episode about Nikki and Paulo titled “Exposé.” The “medusa spider” made me cringe and so did the idea of being buried alive! And to think those things are running all over the island with the capability of paralyzing someone with one tiny bite? Locke would freak out if one bit him because he would think the island had betrayed him.

Ben and Juliet are intriguing, but I’m not quite to the point where I would consider them favorite characters just yet. It’s interesting that Ben made the distinction that he had been born on the island while the rest of his people were all recruits. Were Ben’s parents part of the Dharma Initiative, and what happened to them? What is going to happen to Sun and her baby? Is Kate pregnant with Sawyer’s baby now? I knew Juliet was probably sent in as a spy, but I can’t decide if she’s helping or hurting would-be mothers on the island. It annoys me that Jack always tries to see people in a positive light even when their actions and motivations are decidedly questionable.

The storylines have certainly been improving as I barrel closer to the end of Season 3. I’ve found myself wanting to “watch just one more” several nights this week, as I only have three more episodes and then I’ll be in Season 4. I’m intrigued by this concept that Naomi (the parachutist hired by Penny to find Desmond) says the survivors all died and their plane was found in the ocean.

Was that another crash that got mixed up with theirs somehow or an implant planted by “The Others” so no one would ever come looking for them on their island? But how would you fake a news report with a plane crash complete with bodies? What kind of sinister plans do “The Others” have in store? Have the survivors all really died and entered hell as Locke’s father seemed to think? My mind is again spinning with the possibilities, which is a healthy sign for the seasons to come. Until next time, don’t forget your sunscreen.

WTF Moments (Season 3, Episodes 9-19):

  • I love Sawyer’s nicknames. He’s called Hurley StayPuft, Snuffy, Grimace & Jumbo Tron; Charlie has been called Jiminy Cricket and Sun and Jin were called Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon. They crack me up, but I loved when Hurley beat him at ping-pong and the stakes were he had to give up on the nicknames for a week. I wonder what my nickname from Sawyer would be …
  • Seeing a hippie van in the middle of the jungle filled with Dharma Initiative beer was strange, but I enjoyed the images of Hurley, Charlie, Sawyer and Jin riding around. It reminded me of something out of That 70s Show and was welcomed comic relief in a season that’s been very serious thus far.
  • I knew there was a reason for that flashback earlier showing Jack’s father meeting with his daughter in Australia, but I hadn’t put the connection together that Claire was Jack’s half-sister. I had considered maybe his mistress was among the survivors, but I hadn’t considered his daughter would be. Surely “The Others” know about this and will eventually tell them?
  • So, Dimples met and helped Freckles (Sawyer’s former flame and Kate)? The “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” can’t compete with the connections on this island!
  • Does “the monster” feed on negative energy/fear? Why does it pop up and go away when it pleases? I’m still puzzling about the black mist and its meaning.
  • I’m on pins and needles about Charlie’s fate. Every episode makes me nervous that Desmond’s prediction is going to come true. Why couldn’t his premonitions have been about someone else I care less about?
  • Jin telling campfire tales around the fire in Korean while holding a flashlight is one of my favorite scenes this week. When Hurley jumped, it made me giggle.
  • What is the deal with Rousseau? How could she never have discovered “The Others’” camp prior to now? Was she lying about them abducting her daughter? Is she really part of “The Others?” Could she be the mysterious Jacob or could the man with the eye patch be Jacob? Who is infiltrating who at this point?
  • Lost is starting to make me think of Oregon Trail. They hunt, they camp, they trade and it’s hard to keep track of their ammunition. At what point will they run out?

Memorable Quotes:

“He walks amongst us but he is not one of us.” – The meaning of Jack’s tattoo

“In this world, son, you gotta make your own luck.” – Hurley’s father, played by Cheech Marin

“You never know when a little C4 might come in handy.” – Locke

“If this isn’t hell friend, then where are we?” – Locke’s father

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5 Responses to “Lost Virgin Diary – The plot thickens as things on the island get more sinister”

July 16, 2012 at 2:44 PM

Re: “What happened to Ben’s parents?” Without spoiling anything, you’ve already seen one of them. [Evil laugh here]
So you were one of the few who liked the Nikki & Paulo resolution. Good, I did, too. When the show was airing, most fans HATED HATED HATED the characters, and their sendoff episode didn’t seem to ease the hatred. I wasn’t a fan of them, but after seeing their final show, appreciated the way it interlocked with so many previous episodes. And the macabre ending.

July 16, 2012 at 3:29 PM

I can definitely understand why people were not Nikki & Paulo fans. They were grating on my nerves in the episodes leading up to their deaths, especially the one in which they tagged along to one of the hatches and Nikki was all like “I bet these monitors show you other hatch stations across the island.” It was like well, duh. I felt like Locke & Sayid should’ve known that and I failed to see why they were playing dumb and letting it look like she discovered that fact. But I really did enjoy their episode showing what happened to them. I think that was a turning point this season, the action and intrigue seemed to pick back up after that episode.

Regarding your comment about Ben’s parents, I’m intrigued. I bet one of them was a skeleton we’ve already seen and he killed them! lol that would justify an evil laugh anyway.

July 16, 2012 at 3:41 PM

I just checked Lostpedia. You won’t have long to wait to see how your bet turns out :)

July 16, 2012 at 4:03 PM

Also, it’s understandable that your feelings about Juliet & Ben are still sort of “eh”. It’s still relatively early in the series run for them. Let’s see what you think by midway through Season 5.

July 16, 2012 at 6:44 PM

LOL…as in the very next episode? ;) Loved it…I knew I was right.

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