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Covert Affairs – Chris Gorham provides insight into Auggie

'Covert Affairs' star Christopher Gorham answers five questions about his character, Auggie. He provides insight into the character and teases what's coming up next.

One of the best characters on television is that of Auggie Anderson on Covert Affairs. He’s a former military man, now CIA agent, who may be blind, but doesn’t let that get in his way. Last season, in “Half a World Away,” during a trip to Instanbul, Auggie confronted his past. We, the viewers, got to see the sighted military man and experience how he became blind.

Tomorrow night, Covert Affairs has another Auggie-centric story, “The Last Thing You Should Do.” This time, Auggie heads to Africa to see his new love, Parker.

If you want more back story on Auggie, check out the Covert Affairs Sights Unseen web series, which features Auggie as a new recruit to the CIA.

Christopher Gorham took some time to answer five questions to provide insight into his character of Auggie.

Last season when Auggie said goodbye to Annie before leaving for Africa and then again this season when they were in Spain, Auggie has been oblivious to Annie’s feelings for him. While it would be difficult for him to notice the change in her physical demeanor, he also hasn’t picked up on her verbal cues either. Why do you think that Auggie hasn’t caught on to her feelings for him?

One of the big obstacles for Annie and Auggie this season, personally and professionally, is the distance between them.  We started this during the finale last year, when Auggie was emotionally distant as he focused on Parker.  This season we’ve physically split them up as well and things kind of start to unravel.  The fact that Auggie isn’t reading Annie like before is a symptom of bigger issues to come.

While in Spain, Auggie had to face his physical limitations of working in the field. Will there be residual repercussions to that? Personally or professionally?

Definitely, and they start this week.  Auggie has always been confidant and strong.  This year we’re pulling away his supports to find out just how stable he really is.  Hint, don’t miss the end of episode 4!

Until Auggie met Parker, he was quite the ladies man. Since most of Auggie and Parker’s relationship has taken place off-screen, what is it about her that he is drawn to enough that he wants to marry her?

Auggie is desperately seeking stability right now.  Jai’s assassination knocked something loose in him and he feels his relationship with Parker can fix it.  They have a shared tragedy, in the death of her brother (and Auggie’s unit member) Billy, and, of course, they seem to get along physically pretty well. And while we haven’t seen much of their relationship on screen I can assure you he really does love her.

In Auggie’s new job, how will he handle investigating the people that he works with on a daily basis?

He handles it.  Auggie is, above all, an extraordinary soldier and can follow through with a mission even if it may leave a bad taste in his mouth.

In the Covert Affairs prequel, Sights Unseen, we see Auggie as a newbie CIA agent. What was the biggest difference character wise playing the new-to-the-CIA Auggie versus the current day Auggie?

It’s the same Auggie, just a little less sure of himself, physically (the episodes take place only a year, or so, after his injury) and professionally as he’s only recently been promoted to the job he currently excels at.  I also tried to bring a hint of that “white hat” as Natasha described him in season one.

Watch “The Last Thing You Should Do” on USA Network — July 24th at 10 pm ET/ 9 pm CT and check back her for Meredith’s review of the episode.

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