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Nikita – EP Craig Silverstein talks about changes coming in season 3

EP Craig Silverstein from 'Nikita' talked to us at San Diego Comic-Con about the upcoming third season. Beware possible 'Nikita' spoilers!

It had to come to an end. The last of our Nikita interviews from San Diego Comic-Con is with the mastermind behind the show, EP Craig Silverstein.

Here are some of the topics he discussed:

  • Spills what happens in the first 5 minutes of season 3!
  • Status of the international nefarious organization that Percy worked for next season
  • Percy is dead. Roan? Have to listen for that answer.
  • “Hell hath no fury like an Amanda scorned.” — Amanda will be making Nikita suffer.
  • Decision to bring back Devon Sawa’s Owen.
  • Nikita’s new life.
  • Season long arc is Amanda. Love and sex arcs are larger this season. More standalone episodes.
  • Influences for the show from TV and movies.
  • Who is going to be the first to rebel against working for “the man?” Nikita!
  • Relationships that will be driving the story.
For more about season three of Nikita watch our interviews with the rest of the Nikita cast.


Photo Credit: Carla Day

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