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Grimm – Season 2 launches into things quickly

​'Grimm' ​ starts off with a bang, furthers along the mythology, gives us some answers and sets the table for things to come.

- Season 2, Episode 1 - "Bad Teeth"

Right out of the gate, we’ve got shredded bodies, secrets and intrigue in spades. The Grimm season 2 premiere did not disappoint.

For me, this was a rather Renard-centric chapter of the show; lots of interesting things surrounding the “good” captain, wouldn’t you say? Telling looks and more from him when he stopped and gazed at the arrow shot through the painting on Nick’s wall after the tussle with Kimura, the stink eye he threw the assassin in jail just before launching into his little speech and, of course, his entire body language when he saw the symbols tattooed all over him. Plus, he garnered some valuable information from the Japanese goon as well, that a second Grimm was in the picture. (Little does he know it’s Nick’s mommy.) And! Renard’s demeanor when the FBI agents, Hank and Nick were in his office was cockiness personified. Yet, somehow, whoever or whatever he is, Renard manages to “keep things under the radar” when Nick’s around. I’ve got to give it up to him. The guy’s good.

Now, we all know Renard offed Kimura, right? No one else could have. No one else had reason to. To everyone else — beside Nick, that is — he was nothing more than a well-trained thug. So that’s an easy puzzle to piece together. But the repercussions of Kimura’s presence have Renard in action-mode.  As he stated during his visit to Adalind’s mother Catherine (Jessica Tuck) he can’t lose Nick: “I’ve put too much time and effort to let that happen.” Juliette tying Nick to Portland and thus tying him to Renard, it makes me more and more curious what his agenda is and who he is in the grand scheme of things.

And, dammit: Who the hell was he talking to … ?!??


  • “Mauvais Dentes” (the featured creature of the premiere) means “bad teeth.” (“Bad Teeth” was the name of the episode as well.) Personally, I think title should have been “Bad-ass Teeth.”
  • Loved the swollen-tongue look of Kimura as he got his just desserts … or, as was the case, his just sammich.
  • You may recall I mentioned the Dragon’s-Tongue-Japanese-Imperial-Army-tied-with-the-Akuza monkey business being moot. Well … guess it’s not so moot after all based on the little scene we saw in Europe. More to come …
  • So … there’s not just one key … there are seven. Again, more to come …
  • Some nice one-liners from Monroe, but … did anyone think he was just too cutesy and goofy? I did. That and the fact he was really tossing around the “Dude!” exclamations ala Hurley in Lost.
  • I’m disappointed in the Reapers of the Grimm, especially so with the revelation from Kelly the Mauvais Dentes are even more ferocious then they. The Reapers are supposed to be hugely feared. But with this admission, not to mention Nick’s disposal of several of them to date, they don’t seem so threatening after all. *sigh*
  • I couldn’t help but comically hum “Le Freak” (you know … “Freak out! *doop doop adooba doop doop* Freak out!”) all through Hank’s scenes in his house, barricaded to the hilt, shotgun at the ready, jumping at any little noise he (supposedly) heard.
  • I absolutely adored the frightening transformation by Catherine when she was in Rosalee’s shop. Hideousness!
  • We discovered how to get rid of the Three Coins. I see a “European vacation” in Nick’s future.


“Who the hell is this bitch?” — Monroe
“She’s my mother …” — Nick

“Dude … I’ve got to be honest: Your mother scares the crap out of me!” — Monroe to Nick

“Family reunions are brutal! Our last one, we lost two cousins and a sheep dog. No one missed the cousins much …” — Monroe to Rosalee

Photo Credit: NBC

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5 Responses to “Grimm – Season 2 launches into things quickly”

August 14, 2012 at 2:07 PM did I miss this???? I have got to pay more attention to your “what’s new tonight” email!!!
thank goodness for your recap!

August 14, 2012 at 6:56 PM

The boy and I are watching on Demand to catch up on last season. We just got hip to the show over the weekend. WOW! Great. Love it. We have about 8 more episodes to view to bring us up to date. Sheesh Excitement, for sure.

August 14, 2012 at 7:14 PM

I really enjoyed the season premiere and I’m so excited James Frain has joined the show for an arc, I love his acting!

August 15, 2012 at 2:12 AM

I don’t think it was the Captain who offed Kimura. I think it was the assassin who killed Kimura to keep him from further talking to the Captain.

As for who the Captain was talking to, I think it was the guy who was supervising the torture of the Resistance follower.

August 15, 2012 at 10:53 PM

Overall, Grimm did an awesome return job. While I wish they waited until October like last year, I’m happy they’re maintaining the same level of quality as ast year.

P.S. Another quote to add to the fire:

“Did you threaten to kill her?” – Nick’s mom on threatening Adeline’s mom
“Of course.” -Nick

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