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Grimm – More kissing, more revelations

As with all things in life, we find food heals all wounds. It’s the same on ‘Grimm’ one could be led to believe …

by Michael Noble

Grimm – Suddenly, Hank flies right

Hank greets Wesen. Hank punches Wesen. Wesen falls down, goes boom. And Hank? Well … he’s cured. It’s really as simple as that.

by Michael Noble

Grimm – O brother, where art thou?

Nice! We know what Renard “is” now on ‘Grimm’ … something that’s going to surely open up a whole new can of worms as the season progresses.

by Michael Noble

Ratings Clack – What is that Olympic Promotion worth?

The first results of NBC’s Olympic promotion are in, and they’re not encouraging. Over on cable, the news was much better for TNT with their big series finale for ‘The Closer’, and premiere of ‘Major Crimes’.

by Brett Love

Grimm – Season 2 launches into things quickly

​’Grimm’ ​ starts off with a bang, furthers along the mythology, gives us some answers and sets the table for things to come.

by Michael Noble

TV on DVD – Grimm, Parenthood, and Strike Back

Tuesday brings sets for ‘Grimm’, ‘Parenthood’, ‘Strike Back’, ‘Huff’, ‘Family Guy’, ‘Let It Shine’, ‘The Rookies’, ‘Gunsmoke’, ‘Born Free’, ‘Dennis The Menace’, ‘Garrow’s Law’, ‘Dirty Jobs’, ‘One Piece’, ‘World God Only Knows’, ‘Squidbillies’, and ‘Dr Seuss’.

by Brett Love

Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt of Grimm at SDCC

The executive producers of ‘Grimm’ shed light on the rapidly-approaching season 2 of the popular series.

by Michael Noble
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