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Latest episode clacks for this show:

Bree Turner of Grimm at SDCC

Another brief interview with one of the cast of ‘Grimm’ during San Diego Comic-Con.

by Michael Noble

Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner of Grimm at SDCC

A brief interview with two of the executive producers of ‘Grimm’ during the recent “festivities” in San Diego.

by Michael Noble

Some favorite moments from the 2012 edition of Comic-Con

The Blue Demon … er … Michael offers a few Comic-Con moments from the many that occurred … allegedly and otherwise.

by Michael Noble

Grimm Virgin Diary – Lions and spiders and coins, oh my

It’s the middle of ‘Grimm’ season 1, and we meet a whole menagerie of creatures and Nick considers telling Juliette the truth.

by Liz Tamura

Diary of a Grimm Virgin – Juliette gets a chance to shine

Watching ‘Grimm’ first season for the first time, in episodes 5-8, Nick gets deeper into his heritage and it’s not all sunshine and unicorns.

by Liz Tamura

What’s your favorite new show of the season? – Poll

Chose your favorite new comedy and drama of the 2012-2013 television season and support your favorite shows — your vote counts!

by Debbie McDuffee

Diary of a Grimm Virgin – Supernatural vs. Grimm

I start my watch of ‘Grimm’ with low expectations and get a pleasant surprise — this show is not a clone of ‘Supernatural’!

by Liz Tamura
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