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Grimm Virgin Diary – Lions and spiders and coins, oh my

It's the middle of 'Grimm' season 1, and we meet a whole menagerie of creatures and Nick considers telling Juliette the truth.

This week we meet Mice People, Snake People, Rhino People, Lion People, Spider People, Bird People, and probably others I’ve forgotten.  There are a great many of these Creature People and I’m glad I’m not the one keeping the wiki for all of them.

It turns out you get a bonus episode, because I somehow missed “Organ Grinder” on my run through and discovered the gap belatedly, so this includes through episode 13.

Episode 9:  “Of Mouse and Man”

I don’t know why the show bothers to be coy about who the killer is when they have a title card that tells you. The minute Nick saw the Mouse Dude, it was clear he was the killer, not the Snake Dude (who came complete with his own lawyer joke!) even if they tried to make him a red herring by keeping the killer hooded and showing only his feet. So that was sort of silly to pretend.

I do like it when murders investigate someone that everybody thinks is a huge jerk and everyone wanted dead. That’s a bit more fun to watch the detectives sort through a bunch of suspects, especially when you already know who it is and the investigation has to be entertaining on its own.

I am very impressed by that junk store. There was so much stuff, it’s either the props department warehouse redressed or an actual junk store. But it was a cool looking place either way, if underlit (because this is Grimm and there’s no such thing as overhead electric lights in Portland.  Must be all the supernatural creatures suck the electricity out of the air.) The Mouse Dude’s Hoarder house was also a fun set, if horrifying.

I think aside from the main ‘case’, the side stories were more interesting to me this episode: one, that some people have a problem with Monroe being buddies with a Grimm, and Monroe was delightful in refusing to be cowed. And two, Juliette found an engagement ring in Nick’s sock drawer and then was disappointed when he didn’t make it home in time for their anniversary dinner. I can understand how she’d be disappointed, but on the other hand, they’ve been together three years, so this can’t be the first time his work has ruined plans.  Not to mention she’s a veterinarian; she must have at at least a few emergencies herself.

Episode 10: “Organ Grinder”

Grimm does Hansel and Gretel with a very gruesome take on human organ trafficking for resale to the Creature People for “medicinal use.” ick.

I liked the kids, especially the actress playing Gracie, and of course, because I’m as much of a soft touch as Nick is, kid peril is always especially tense to me. The dinner with Nick and Juliette was especially sweet.

I do get a little irked by the very convenient assumption, whether here or various other genre shows, where the excuse to hide the truth is that someone will freak out and be unable to handle the truth. Would some people? Probably. But it’s as likely that ordinary humans, especially when faced with proof, will be able to adjust their worldview — Nick himself did, after all, only a few months ago in show time. It’s pretty absurd, not to mention patronizing, to assume Juliette can’t.

But the highlights were definitely Monroe and especially Nick going into the chemist’s shop. We don’t often get Nick using his Grimm nature to intimidate, and in this episode he did it twice.

I am also (of course) intrigued by the scene with Renard getting threatened by the Reapers for letting Nick run around and interfere. He definitely seems to be using Nick to help control his territory, but it’s unclear to me whether it’s merely for a selfish purpose and Nick is just a tool, or a more high-minded ideal, but it’s fun to watch it unspool.

Episode 11: “Tarantella”

Spider people. Spider people killing nasty rapey Fox People (I think he was a fox?)  Spider People in Love. That was a fun twist that the husband knew all along and he’s one of them, too. It was less of a shock that the daughter is one, too, but does set up a dilemma for the future with what to do with her as she comes of age.

Although I think Amy Acker did a good job playing the range that the character requires, I would have liked to have seen an Asian actress. It seems as though the part might have been written for one originally, given all the Japanese backstory, so it was a little disappointing that they didn’t follow through with an actual Japanese mythical creature.

The other part of the story involves the Creature People who know where Nick and Juliette live and are watching their house. Juliette shows some spunk in checking it out herself, but of course is totally flummoxed about why people seem afraid of her, because Nick hasn’t told her. But since it’s only a matter of time before creatures a bit more aggressive than Beaver People find out about it, so Nick goes in to tell them to be quiet in intimidating enough fashion to leave him alone. But dummy, ignorance never helped anyone, so yeah, I have no patience with his dilemma with Juliette. He should tell her ASAP but I have the feeling this will get dragged out awhile much to my annoyance.

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