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Grimm Virgin Diary – Lions and spiders and coins, oh my

It's the middle of 'Grimm' season 1, and we meet a whole menagerie of creatures and Nick considers telling Juliette the truth.

Episode 12: Last Grimm Standing”

CAGE MATCH! I do love a good catch match.  “Two men enter, one man leaves.” Or, in this case, creature freaks.  But I felt so terrible for poor Monroe, and I wanted them to stop being so mean to him. He’s trying to be good, you jerks!

Oh yay, just when I was wondering where the whole “Renard is Secret King of the Supernaturals” thing went, it comes back and we find out that he has a shady deal with “LEO TAMER” (Writers? really?) to use only the bad ones in the cages but Lion Tamer has been going outside the rules to have better matches, and at first it seems Renard is sort of stuck, because people in shady deals with secrets can be blackmailed. But unfortunately for Lion Tamer, powerful people in shady deals with secrets also tend to have people to do their bidding, so Lion Tamer gets it from both sides as the police raid and Renard sends a type of janitor to clean up his mess.

The Rhino Dude was unexpected and awesome. I want to know more about his kind.

Episode 13: “Three Coins in a Fuchsbau”

You just know when Titus Welliver is in an episode that some crazy awesome stuff is going down. And he’s not even the best part. Because the best part was Renard having a power trip dream where he was King of the City. I am intrigued that the banners in the dream were the same as the symbol on the case though; is this only meant to show that the dream was ring-inspired, or some other meaning?

I like how the coins affected everyone they came across — even the lovely M.E. Parker (who definitely seems like someone ready to know the truth, if she doesn’t already) didn’t want to let them go. Hank turned into an addict, and it seems only barely escaped from more lasting damage.  Renard, as the one who already has power, wants more of it, and seems to make a play for at least greater political power. I take his speech about wanting safe streets as more than empty words though, since it seems to fit with having a Grimm on staff. I don’t want to over-romanticize it, in case it’s just a power play, but I do wonder if he, like Monroe, is trying to modernize, or clean up their society? Perhaps with an eventual ‘coming out’ for the creatures, once the bad ones are taken care of?

I see why people would like the feeling and want the coins because they’re basically the One Ring (which makes Nick into Frodo?) and addictive.  Also like the One Ring, I see no reason for those coins to continue to exist. Melt them down or throw them into Mount Doom and be done with them. It seems to me as if enough people died for them in Portland alone, to say nothing of the thousands over the centuries who died before that directly (and millions more indirectly, as suggested with the victims of the Third Reich).  There is no benefit to those coins continuing to exist that I see. I like history and the preservation of historical artifacts, but get rid of them.

Is this the first indication of actual ‘magic’ in the series? I don’t really count the creatures, since they’re other species, or the Grimms since that’s a sort of quasi-magical talent, but the coins have a separate supernatural impact. If there’s magic beyond the creatures, that widens out the potential stories quite a bit.

So that’s it for this edition of my Grimm Virgin Diary! We’re about halfway and I, for one, am eager to see how it finishes.










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July 3, 2012 at 12:37 AM

Might be magic, might be chemicals.

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