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In British Clack, we pay tribute to great shows, great actors and everything in-between from across the pond.

Liked Scrubs? Try Green Wing! – British Clack

Do you miss awesome, kickbutt absurdist comedy? Do you miss a lead with wavy brown hair, huge brown eyes and a huge crush on a fellow blonde doctor? Well, check out “Green Wing,” the British “Scrubs.”

by An Nicholson

Missing In Plain Sight? Try Kingdom! – British Clack

British Clack pays tribute to awesome shows across the pond. This week we check out Stephen Fry’s ‘Kingdom.’ If you’re missing ‘In Plain Sight,’ try ‘Kingdom’! Crazy clients? Check. Crazy family? Check. Loyal sidekicks? Check check check.

by An Nicholson

Love Scandal? Try Party Animals! – British Clack

British Clack surrounds TV from the other side of the pond. This week focuses on the BBC drama, ‘Party Animals’. If you ever wondered what Olivia’s White House years were like for ABC’s ‘Scandal,’ this is it.

by An Nicholson

Bleak House: The best of the Dickensian miniseries – British Clack

In this installment of British Clack, we look at the 2005 British miniseries ‘Bleak House’ and why it’s the best of the many adaptations of Dickens the BBC has done in recent years. If you liked ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Downton Abbey,’ you should give this one a try!

by Christina Furtado

Do you miss Chuck? Try Spy! – British Clack

British Clack looks at shows across the pond. This week, we look at the awesome ‘Chuck’-like British spy comedy, ‘Spy.’ Meet Tim, a big box store employee and single dad, who becomes a full-time spy.

by An Nicholson

Love Community? Try Campus! – British Clack

In British Clack, we examine great shows from the other side of the pond. This week, An tackles ‘Campus,’ ‘Community”s irreverant cousin across the pond.

by An Nicholson

Blackadder: Britain’s other time-traveling show – British Clack

Welcome to British Clack, in which we examine great shows from the other side of the pond. This week’s topic is the historical comedy ‘Blackadder’ and why it appeals to history nerds, literary geeks, and fans of wordplay.

by Christina Furtado
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