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Do you miss Chuck? Try Spy! – British Clack

British Clack looks at shows across the pond. This week, we look at the awesome 'Chuck'-like British spy comedy, 'Spy.' Meet Tim, a big box store employee and single dad, who becomes a full-time spy.

If you miss Chuck, try the British Comedy, Spy. Like Chuck, Spy opens with down-on-his luck, big box electronics worker, Tim (Darren Boyd), and his slacker co-worker buddy, Chris (Mathew Baynton). Like Chuck, Tim’s family wishes he wanted more from life (albeit with more caustic prodding). Like Chuck, Tim accidentally falls into the spy game (albeit when applying for another job). Although he scores highly, the series watches him bumble through his training exercises while he chases his own Sarah, Caitlin (Rebekah Staton). Caitlin’s a blonde experienced spy who has her own super-spy Brice-like boyfriend.

Spy covers what would’ve happened if Chuck got married, got divorced, and identified his potential in his 30s, while still hanging out with Morgan. Since his cameo in Rev and his role in Whites, a restaurant comedy, I have a not-so-secret crush on Darren Boyd (Watching Ellie, Holy Flying Circus). Despite his incredible good looks, he frequently convinces me that he IS the down-trodden guy next door.

The other reason I love Spy is the father-son relationship between Tim and his brilliant nine-year-old son, Marcus. I have a thing for evil kid geniuses, including Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin and Cleveland Shows Rollo Tubbs. Macus is the evil version of Fox’s cartoon kid Allen Gregory. Although he’s a supersmart child with 45-year-old tastes, he uses his intelligence to totally screw with his dad and surrounding adults.

Although Marcus shares the same social climbing values as his mother and her prep school headmaster boyfriend, deep, deep, deep down inside he truly loves his father, despite frequently petitioning the courts to break his dad’s custody agreement. It’s pretty clear Tim is the only adult able to equal and overcome Marcus’ intellectual plotting. I love that Marcus excluded Tim from his illicit book (*cough* gambling *cough*) club, knowing that clear-sighted, uber moral Tim would’ve shut it down. I loved watching the two out-plot each other over grades or work together to alienate Chris.

Other note-worthy characters include The Examiner, a more egotistic version of Chuck’s general boss; and Moritz Skank, a hapless version of Casey.

Created, written and produced by Simeon Goulden, Spy is a Hat Trick production for Sky 1 HD. If you loved Chuck or you just want to watch smart self-aware comedy, with a bumbling former big box store nerd , check out Spy’s first season on Hulu. It’s second season will arrive shortly.


Photo Credit: NBC, Sky Entertainment

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