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Leap Year – A startup story web series with an impressive array of guests

Web series ‘Leap Year’ follows a small band of entrepreneurs in their quest for start-up success and glory, with some notable guest stars spread throughout.

by Keith McDuffee

Tired of TV? Create your own web series! – Monthly Musings

Each month I muse on a pop culture moment. This month, I talk to ‘Vampire Mob’ web series creator, Joe Wilson, and Just Plain Something video blogger, Katie S, about suggestions for starting your own series.

by An Nicholson

Get your Suits fix, can opener included – Webisode Clack

‘Suits’ doesn’t have a new episode this week due to the holiday. What are you supposed to do to get your Harvey, Mike, Louis, Donna, or Rachel fix? Watch the webisodes!

by Carla Day

Husbands – Webisode Clack

Friend of CliqueClack Jane Espenson has a new project you may have heard rumblings about on Twitter, in the form of a new web series called ‘Husbands’, due to premiere later this year. I asked Jane about the new series and what to expect at SDCC this year.

by Keith McDuffee

A Series of Unfortunate People – Webisode Clack

Most everyone knows a certain someone or two who is, as defined by this new web series, “unfortunate.” Unfortunately, these unfortunate people are not unique — they’re everywhere.

by Keith McDuffee

Why the Being Human spinoff is probably cooler than the SyFy remake

BBC’s very smart business move, creating a web series spinoff of their ‘Being Human’ hit – with teenaged supes to boot – definitely trumps SyFy’s remake of a show that hasn’t even finished its original run.

by Debbie McDuffee

Webisode Clack – The Rooster Teeth gang talks Immersion and the future of Red vs. Blue

Writing for CliqueClack has its perks, like getting talk to some very cool people. Yesterday, I got to chat it up with Burnie Burns and Brandon Farmahini – internet superstars and two of the masterminds behind the popular webseries ‘Red vs. Blue’ – about their new webseries ‘Immersion.’

by Katie Schenkel
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