CliqueClack TV
Our Clackers re-watch a TV series and give a new perspective on a beloved show of the past.

Re-investigating The Unusuals – CliqueClack Re-watch

‘The Unusuals’ is the best show that you never watched: with a pre-‘The Avengers’ Jeremy Renner, a post-‘Joan of Arcadia’ Amber Tamblyn, and some of TV’s sharpest writing in 2009, it’s definietly worth a second look.

by Brittany Frederick

Battlestar Galactica – The clock starts ticking

In the first three episodes of season one, we learn there are no easy roads to Earth.

by Liz Tamura

The Battlestar Galactica re-watch begins

The CliqueClack ‘Battlestar’ Rewatch was created by Liz. It evolved. And it has a plan.

by Liz Tamura

Millennium – A dud and a standard setter

The next two chapters in the ‘Millennium’ showcase feature a confusing and limp “Gehenna” and a story that sets the pace going forward for who Frank Black is …

by Michael Noble

Millennium begins – CliqueClack Re-watch

So begins a re-visitation of the popular and creepy ‘Millennium’ from ‘X-Files’ creator Chris Carter. Can you believe this program debuted more than 15 years ago? Come take a stroll with Michael through the first season, beginning with the very first episode …

by Michael Noble
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