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Show Me Yours: The Canadian Sex and the City

‘Show Me Yours’ (2004-2005) is the Canadian ‘Sex and the City.’ It talks about sex realistically while portraying incredibly hot sex. Like ‘SATC,’ it isn’t the sex that makes the show fun, but the underlying relationships.

by An Nicholson

Square Pegs – A SATC Week CliqueClack Flashback

Do you remember Sarah Jessica Parker before she was Carrie Bradshaw? This week’s flashback is on ‘Square Pegs’ – her first big break that only lasted one season. Take a walk down memory lane with the best of the new wave fashions and that catchy theme song by The Waitresses.

by Kim Tibbs

Beetlejuice, the ghost with the most! – CliqueClack Flashback

It’s showtime! I recently found a bootleg DVD containing the entire animated ‘Beetlejuice’ series. Does it live up to my childhood recollections? Join me as I take a fond look back upon ‘the ghost with the most.’

by Kim Tibbs

Remembering Taxi, a poignant show with a dynamic ensemble cast – CliqueClack Flashback

‘Taxi,’ which featured an all-star cast including Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd and the late Jeff Conaway, is one of the greatest underappreciated sitcoms from the late ‘70s-early ‘80s. Hitch a ride along as I take a look at why it was such a dynamic ensemble show.

by Kim Tibbs

The Munsters, America’s favorite frightfully funny family? – CliqueClack Flashback

With NBC poised to revamp ‘The Munsters’ next season, join me as I take a fond look back at one of America’s favorite frightfully funny TV families.

by Kim Tibbs

Live from New York, it’s a Saturday Night Live CliqueClack Flashback!

With 37 seasons to draw inspiration from, join me as I take a look back at some of the most memorable recurring characters ever to grace the small screen on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Did I include most of your favorites?

by Kim Tibbs

The X-Files and Millennium themes – CliqueClack Flashback

You know Mark Snow, composer extraordinaire, through some of his most recognizable pieces of music.

by Michael Noble
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