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NBC’s Revolution kills it. Are you ready for a revolution? I am.

NBC’s ‘Revolution’ was a joy to watch. The action sequences were awesome, the production quality cinematic and the acting amazing. Every single character, especially Billy Burke, rocked the party and brought down the house.

by An Nicholson

Is Glee’s new direction enough to get me to stick around? Not so much

‘Glee’ fans have remained loyal to the show even though the last couple of seasons have seen a drop in quality. Will the fourth season turn that trend around? Spoiler Alert: Not for this former Gleek.

by Ivey West

Should NBC’s new comedy Go On, go on? I say no.

Although NBC’s newest comedy pilot, ‘Go On,’ had small bright spots, it wasn’t as funny as ‘Mr. Sunshine’ and felt forced in parts.

by An Nicholson

Bad single mom pilots: NBC’s The New Normal and FOX’s Ben & Kate

What do ‘The New Normal’ and ‘Ben & Kate’ have in common? They both feature, blonde, waif-like, single teenage mother leads with too-smart-for-their-age daughters who form saccharine sweet non-traditional families. What else do they feature? Uneven messes as plot lines.

by An Nicholson

CBS’s Elementary: it’s Elementary, but it’s not Sherlock Holmes

I wanted to like CBS’ “Elementary,” really I did. But, it’s pure and utter tripe. It has the framework of the Sherlock Holmes novels, but the acting and speedball pacing of a high-energy sugar addict. “Elementary”’s lead might be called Sherlock, but he is no Sherlock Holmes.

by An Nicholson

ABC’s Nashville – CliqueClack Preview

ABC’S ‘Nashville’ is a solid show with a great lead performance by Connie Britton. Whether you are a fan of country music or not, if you like soaps that aren’t too campy, you should give this a try come Fall.

by Christina Furtado

FOX’s The Mindy Project is funny and real – CliqueClack Preview

Christina and I advance review Mindy Kaling’s latest project, ‘The Mindy Project.’ With an executive production staff from both ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks and Recreation,’ we both agree the show can’t miss.

by An Nicholson
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