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The 38th Annual Saturn Awards

Hey! The Powers That Be at CliqueClack let me out long enough to snap some photos and hobnob in the Burbank hills overlooking L.A. recently!

by Michael Noble

San Diego Comic-Con and what we’re not missing

Not everyone is headed to the Comic Con this week. Brother and sister team, Bob and Deb take a look at what we will miss most about sticking it out on the east coast in Quibbling Siblings.

by Bob Degon

TV on DVD – Game Of Thrones, Dark Shadows, and iCarly

The latest set of releases includes ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Dark Shadows’, ‘iCarly’, ‘Big Bang Theory’, ‘Warehouse 13′, ‘The Glades’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Father Dowling’, ‘Jem and the Holograms’, ‘G.I. Joe’, and ‘Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt’.

by Brett Love

What does the future hold for Theon? – Beyond the Wall

Each week Bob and Ivey discuss ‘Game of Thrones’ as avid readers of the novels, so spoilerphobes should beware. This week Theon’s future is the topic, and spoilers through ‘A Dance with Dragons’ abound.

by Bob Degon

Tyrion Lannister: Our favorite season two moments – Beyond the Wall

‘Game of Thrones” Tyrion Lannister had some outstanding moments during season two. This week in Beyond the Wall, Bob and Ivey explore some of their favorites. As usual spoiler warnings for future seasons are (potentially) in effect.

by Ivey West

Recapping the deaths of Game of Thrones season two – Beyond the Wall

Every week Bob and Ivey look at ‘Game of Thrones’ from the book readers’ perspective (so beware of spoilers). This week we take a look at the deaths of season two.

by Bob Degon

Ratings Clack – Premiere week on cable and the Game Of Thrones finale

Cable took center stage with nine big premieres and some very encouraging finale numbers for HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’. On the broadcast networks, NBC remains at the head of the class thanks to ‘America’s Got Talent.’

by Brett Love
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