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Merlin – How to ruin Arthurian legend in one easy step

If you thought that the greatness that kicked off the fourth season of Merlin was going to last forever, it’s probably best if you skip this episode, which was easily the absolute worst episode this series has ever produced.

by Julia Hass

Merlin – The rough patch

‘Merlin’ ends its unprecedented good streak of episodes with a hamfisted clunker of an episode that’s all showing and no telling.

by Julia Hass

2012 TV mid-season premiere and return schedule and calendar

Here’s our fully-updated 2012 mid-season schedule for what’s premiering on TV, and when. We will update it regularly, along with the subscribable calendar. Check back often!

by Keith McDuffee

Merlin – Finale Setup 101

Get your notebooks and pencils ready, it’s time for a lesson in major plot arcs and how to close them (or not) – ‘Merlin’ style.

by Julia Hass

Merlin – What a difference good writing makes

Weak writing is something ‘Merlin’ fans have had to make peace with for a long, long time. So when an episode is finally well-written, is it too cliched to describe it as “pure magic”?

by Julia Hass

Merlin – The ladies versus the lovers

While Bros versus Hos may be a fight as old as time, hasn’t Merlin reached the point where choosing between the two shouldn’t even be necessary?

by Julia Hass

Merlin – Dragon stuff and nonsense

After three heavy-hitting episodes, Merlin goes back to fluff, filler, and campy shenanigans. And I, for one, have no complaints about that.

by Julia Hass
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