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Breaking Bad – Walt and Jesse trust Mike way, way too much

“You guys thought of everything!” Did we believe those words from Todd for one second? One of the most gripping episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’ this season shows just how rough things are getting … and will continue to get.

by Keith McDuffee

Ratings Clack – The Olympics Dominate TV

The London Olympic Games took over all of television last week. The networks largely went with the run and hide philosophy. The shows that did brave the games met with varied success, and failure.

by Brett Love

Breaking Bad – Where can Skyler go from here?

Since this season’s premiere of ‘Breaking Bad’, we’ve seen that Skyler is more than unhappy with her life at the moment. Now the question isn’t how far Skyler will go to protect her family, but what valis choices she has to consider.

by Keith McDuffee

The 38th Annual Saturn Awards

Hey! The Powers That Be at CliqueClack let me out long enough to snap some photos and hobnob in the Burbank hills overlooking L.A. recently!

by Michael Noble

Breaking Bad Virgin Diary – Bloody urine and bloody brilliant

‘Breaking Bad’ just gets more and more impressive, managing to stay profound and visceral in equal measure.

by Dan Meier

Breaking Bad – Vaminos Pest

The first spoils of the Walt/Jesse/Mike business come into play on ‘Breaking Bad’, and it’s quickly made much smaller. Plus, Walter leaves Jesse with an ominous call-back to the beginning of season four — what does it mean?

by Keith McDuffee

Breaking Bad Virgin Diary – It gets darker, funnier and better

I continue through my new favourite show, and learn more about these great characters and the hell of a mess that they’re in.

by Dan Meier
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