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My (oh so important) thoughts on some new fall shows

I woke up with visions of premieres dancing in my head. It was kind of like watching Buzz Aldrin on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ He started with iconic promise, but it soon became obvious he was beyond his capabilities and tried too hard.

by Carissa Pavlica

Maggie Q rocks as the new Nikita

Although there were rough parts, the CW reboot of ‘La Femme Nikita’ wasn’t that bad and actually kicked butt. Honestly! I’m not snowing you!

by An Nicholson

Webisode Clack – Previously On Point Dume

Everyone’s favorite active, Enver Gjokaj, returns to the small screen with his very own web series, ‘Previously On Point Dume’. It’s a recap show for the greatest nighttime soap opera that never existed.

by Brett Love

The Whedonverse just got a whole lot smaller

Today’s Guest-clacker, Alaina O’Connor, is a freelance writer/blogger obsessed with science fiction, especially science fiction television. Her love for all things geeky goes back to when she was a kid growing up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. From there she sought out anything and everything related to science fiction television. Her favorites include: Farscape, […]

by Guest Clacker

Did Joss Whedon brainwash the Losties?

I have a theory. It stems from the fact that I cannot believe that anyone would watch and enjoy Lost willingly. I find it to be the most self-serving, inflated show on television. Sure, they’ve taught their actors to master the hateful glare and they bring the non-linear storytelling to an obnoxious level of annoyance […]

by Debbie McDuffee

Dollhouse ends, but is this a bad thing?

There was a lot to love about Dollhouse, but unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough.

by Ivey West

Dollhouse – Bait, meet switch

So this is the way the world ends; a week after a big bang, and in two weeks with another whimper. Last week’s installment of Dollhouse was so good, you almost have to grade this week’s on a curve. The big twisties have twisted, the big shocks have been shocked, and now we’re just left […]

by Ivey West
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