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How Defying Gravity would have ended: the final chapter

After twelve months since last posting about how the ill-fated series ‘Defying Gravity’ would have progressed, creator James Parriott reveals all that’s left to tell of the series, including its ultimate ending.

by Keith McDuffee

Covert Affairs – Everybody loves Auggie

One of the highlights of Covert Affairs thus far has been the cast. Central to the team, both of agents and actors, is Auggie Anderson.

by Ivey West

Covert Affairs is my favorite new show of the summer

Considering the talent behind the camera is just as stacked, the show has the potential to quickly get out from Alias’ long shadow … Just no centuries old prophets, mmmmkay?

by Ivey West

How Defying Gravity would have progressed, straight from the creator

Defying Gravity creator James Parriott discusses how Defying Gravity would have continued on, had the show lived to see more seasons.

by Keith McDuffee
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