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A show I’ve never seen, Mad Men, has got me joyously butt dancing this week

AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ spawns an ear worm of foot-tappin’, air guitar-playin’, gluteus maximus-movin’ awesomeness. I dare you to test your immunity against it.

by Michael Noble

Lauren Faust is bringing DC heroines to the small screen – CartoonClack

Super-heroines kicking butt? My favorite super-heroine kicking butt? My favorite super-heroine kicking butt with one of my favorite modern cartoonists heading the production. Yes, please!

by Katie Schenkel

Wonder Woman: Season Three (1979) – CliqueClack Flashback

I know. I know. We swore we’d never discuss HER. But, after watching ‘Wonder Woman': Season Three (1979), I discovered where David E. Kelly went wrong. In fact, contemporary TV could learn a lot from disco-era Wonder Woman.

by An Nicholson

Ryan Seacrest just might get busier

Ryan Seacrest? Anchor on ‘Today’ … ?!? Could that be a possibility? Some out there might be bristling at such news, others applauding. See what some of the CliqueClack staff had to say about it.

by Michael Noble

What show would you reboot? – Quibbling Siblings

Every week brother and sister team Bob and Debbie take on a new topic. This week we discuss what classic TV show we would like to see rebooted, because it seems like TV wants to reboot every classic show.

by Bob Degon

Wonder Woman and CliqueClack just can’t get enough of each other

Why do we beat this horse so much? Simple. Because it just won’t stay dead.

by Michael Noble

New York Comic Con rocks Manhattan (Part 1)

If you’re an east-coast comic geek, I probably saw you at NYCC. If I didn’t, why didn’t I? Who doesn’t want to meet Emily Rose (‘Haven’), Maggie Q (‘Nikita’), Shane West (‘Nikita’) or Bruce Timm (‘Batman: The Animated Series’)? For my thoughts and cosplay photos, read on!

by An Nicholson
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