An interesting moment in time on American Idol

There was a bit of satisfaction in seeing Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey put in their places by a sweet auditionee who won her ticket to Hollywood. Unfortunately, it won’t be remembered by either diva in the long run.


More of the same old same old on this week’s double dose of “everyone’s” favorite singing competition. (And *whew* … weren’t all of us glad Thursday’s episode got trimmed to a single hour? Thanks, Idol Powers That Be!) That is … until after the much ballyhoo’d Nicki Minaj exit during the Charlotte auditions.

You read that right: After that exit … not the exit itself. Minaj’s ruckusy departure was rather anti-climactic in that it was the result of her being “dogpiled” by the other judges, not as a result of a solitary spat with Carey as we’ve been led to believe by the world-wide publicity machine. It was hokey, it was dumb and it was empty. (I could go on, but I’ll stop now.)

The “interesting moment” I refer to in the title of this post came post-Brandy Hamilton audition. It came after Minaj was placated and she had returned to the group and been party to the hopeful’s audition: “Please don’t fight. It makes me sad,” Hamilton told the group. That was the kicker for me, better than the scene earlier between the four of them that caused Minaj’s walkout in the beginning.

That was the moment which made you stop to see if there would be any reaction from anyone.  As it turned out, barely. It did cause Minaj to think for all of a few seconds, but what thoughts might have rattled around in her Reflex blue-covered head is anybody’s guess. There was a glimmer of consideration (remorse?) going on there, however … you could tell. But could it have also made her colleagues reflect on the consequences of their actions going forward? Wouldn’t that be nice? (Don’t hold your breath.)

It was one of those moments during an American Idol telecast where you cheered the competitor wildly … because … she had more brains at that particular moment then both Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey combined.

It was one of those moments during an American Idol telecast where you cheered the competitor wildly. And not necessarily because of the performance. You cheered because, innocent though she may have been, she had more brains at that particular moment than both Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey combined. You cheered because she had more wealth in those two little sentences than both the celebrities are making for their appearances on Idol this season. ($20 million combined, if you don’t already know.) You cheered because Ms. Hamilton had the good fortune of unintentionally making the both of them look like spoiled-rotten brats in mere seconds. And on national television, even.

Nicki? You’re getting $12 million to do a job. Do your job. Without all the hullabaloo. Mariah? You’re getting that and 1/3 more to do the same. Do your job.

The fact of the matter is the two of them won’t retain that little lesson Brandy Hamilton pleaded at them. They both stopped and thought about what transpired for only that moment in time. It won’t be remembered and it won’t make any difference. Doing so would be beneath them.

That’s how spoiled-rotten brats react.

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