What are the writers’ plans on The Walking Dead?

Carl Killer Within The Walking Dead

Admit it: You didn’t see what was coming on “Killer Within.” Not by a long shot. Just one more reason (despite all the gruesome carnage) ‘The Walking Dead’ is a rockin’ (walkin’ … ???) good time.


Showrunner Glen Mazzara has said time and again he could hardly wait for the fans to see this season of The Walking Dead.

We now know several reasons why.

Each episode of the series thus far has progressively ramped up and advanced what’s been going on with Rick and Company — not to mention the eventual and upcoming showdown with Woodbury (Is that really news to anybody?)  — and it’s been a pretty satisfying ride thus far.

But the shit hasn’t even begun to hit the fan yet. Based on what we’ve seen, I’m certain the creators have got it in for us in a multitude of manners, none of which we may see coming.

Take Merle for instance. Man … I never would have believed we could get a quieter, gentler Merle but there he was working his charms (in a manner of speaking) with Andrea. I said before there’s more to him being simply a pawn to The Governor (and I want to get to the bottom of that) as well as his eventual discovery or little brother Daryl. That meeting, with Rick probably by Daryl’s side, is going to be explosive. There will be a showdown — words and fists and more will fly.

The Governor? The dude’s deviousness personified. Just when he’d sent a chill down my spine in “Walk With Me” telling Andrea he would never reveal his real name, he turns the table and reveals it to her a chapter later. Now, whether that is his real name isn’t the issue; the fact he’s using the situation to win her confidence further proves the man has the greasiest of ulterior motives. I have no doubt were going to see those motives (and more) come to light in very unexpected ways, even more so than the comic played out and probably beyond what we can imagine. I’m sure of this. How? Because of what we’ve been witness to so far.

I keep telling people it’s not about the undead in The Walking Dead as much as it’s the actions and interactions of the characters. “Killer Within” was one of those epitomous episodes that easily justified my statement.

As stated, the writers have gone above and beyond … and with barely a quarter of the season beneath their belts. What’s stopping them from continuing in this same vein? Apparently nothing. When you kill off a major character (Lori) much earlier than she should have been disposed of (and I’m basing that information on the books), you know they have plenty more up their sleeves. (Whoops! Was that a sort of spoiler? Only to those who haven’t read the comic series. Sorry.)

I’m a broken record when it comes to this series: I keep telling people it’s not about the undead in the show as much as it’s the actions and interactions of the characters. “Killer Within” was one of those epitomous episodes that easily justified my statement. Take a look at any character this episode and you can’t not see what I’m talking about. Carl’s steely stare as he walked out of camera range after shooting Lori (did I detect a little cheer from all the Lori haters out there?) … Rick’s reaction to Lori’s demise … Merle’s strange discussion with Andrea … T-Dog’s heroics to save Carol. (And yes, of course Carol’s still kicking. I’ll stand by that.) But you know what? Let’s throw all the above out the window and consider one particular point:

How in the hell is the group going to suddenly contend with a newborn going forward?

How in the hell is the group going to suddenly contend with a newborn going forward? Talk about a can of worms. Yeah … we knew it was coming … but now? It’s here! The situation is suddenly a reality with all the needs and urgencies that it necessitates! Because, after all, they don’t have enough to do in their dire world. Stay tuned.

Mazzara promised episode 8, the mid-season finale, will leave us on the edge of our seats. Not only do I believe him, I think he probably held back on that promise. I’m counting on the writers to get me to fall right off the edge.

P.S. Want one more chill? Take a gander at the photo above and think about this: Carl is the episode’s titular reference, the “Killer Within” …

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9 Comments on “What are the writers’ plans on The Walking Dead?

  1. I have 2 burning questions for walking dead this season:
    1)how’s it been 7 months and they all have the same hair length as last season… who is keeping your tresses so amazing Rick!

    2)Is there anyone who is gonna survive the season aside Rick? At this rate…

    P.S.- Finally Lori is gone, can’t say I’ll mourn her!

  2. Ah, we didn’t see Carl shoot Lori, gruesome as it would have been. I smell a walker.

    • Um, the actress, producers and writers have all said she’s dead. They’ve all said Carl shot her. Good lord people.

      • It’s a TV show and they can throw surprises in whenever it pleases them. Sheesh. This show goes for shock value. I don’t watch anything but the show and read Michael’s posts. So, I don’t know what the actors and writers say.
        Don’t get so uptight. It’s just a possible twist on the roller coaster.

        • I agree, it seems strange they never actually showed anything close to Carl shooting Lori, feels like one of those “loose ends” left there that can be picked up later if they feel they need the shock value (judging by the rate at which people are dropping dead, they might!).
          This series has never shied away from showing hard scenes (hello, leg hacking) and while I agree they probably wouldn’t actually show her head being blown off, it feels like they would’ve shown a close up of Carl’s face as he shot or something like that.

  3. As long as Daryl Dixon’s alive, they can do whatever the hell they want.

  4. Good Gordness, people!

    How much blood and guts and knives-to-the-eye and decapitations and piking and mayhem do you want?

    Infinitely more powerful was the images of Carl calling out to Maggie it was his mother, indicating to her he knew what needed to be done. The image of him and his fierce, stout look while walking by Rick who was coming to terms (and failing miserably) with the fact Lori was gone was plenty for me.

    Those scenes were hugely indicative. They didn’t need accompanying graphics. The imagination – my imagination at any rate – was thoroughly engaged and I caught the action without actually having to see it.

  5. Had the “Carl-shoots-Lori” scene been shown, it would have a gif in moments and plastered all over the interweb. Lori may not have been everyone/anyones favorite character but atleast she was spared that indignity.
    Still, its not to say that Carl won’t have flashbacks of the moment.