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How I Met Your Mother – Ted Mosby: Douchebag

How does the gang, as Barney calls them, tolerate the supreme douchiness that is Ted?

- Season 5, Episode 22 - "Robots vs. Wrestlers"

This week, How I Met Your Mother finally answers the big question that has been on loyal viewers mind since the Ted gave Robin the blue french horn so many years ago: How does the gang, as Barney calls them, tolerate the supreme douchiness that is Ted? As this episode proved, Ted can be a pretentious pain in the rump, especially when surrounded by other pretentious pains in the rump. Seriously, if the party hadn’t included Darby Stanchfield (Jericho), then I would really have to question Ted’s sanity in choosing anything over Robots vs. Wrestlers.

Ted really seemed in his element at the party. From discussing architecture with Marissa to blind testing white wine, he fit right in with what Barney called the “Douchepocalypse.” I especially liked his conversations with Will Shortz, editor of the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. When it was all said and done, though, Ted ended up back where he belongs, with his friends at their table at MacLaren’s.

It is interesting that Barney would have the biggest problem with the potential separation of the group. Sure, cocksure and confidence obviously covers some self esteem issues, but he’s also the one who ingratiated himself into the group with no real reason to be there as the gang formed. As we look down the road, I’m curious if he ever settles down with one woman. If he does, I’m still calling Robin. I think that, despite what Bob Saget tells his kids, Robin ends up with either Barney or Ted when the story is all told.

Notes & Quotes:

  • Robin has to be the worst TV personality in the world.
  • Robots vs. Wrestlers? I just saw Iron Man II, so I’m saying Robots.
  • “That depends. Does it say anything on that invitation about robots battling wrestlers for intergalactic supremacy?” — Marshal
    “No, but it says ‘Open Bar.'” — Ted
  • “One word, made up: Douchepocalypse.” — Barney
  • “Fine, then you are out of our gang forever. You can reapply in two years.” — Barney
  • Just when I thought that the classic HIMYM coda’s were gone, Bays and Thomas pull through for me.
  • Willem … DAFOE!!!

Photo Credit: CBS

One Response to “How I Met Your Mother – Ted Mosby: Douchebag”

May 11, 2010 at 9:42 AM

This was a pretty decent episode, and I love how they brought back the doppleganger … Mexican wrestler Ted! :-)

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