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Dexter – Wormwood

Now that we got the whole Gellar being dead thing out of the way, we can get down to business. And that appear sto be just what Travis has in mind.

- Season 6, Episode 10 - "Ricochet Rabbit"

With only two episodes left, we finally have some idea of what Travis had in mind all along for a genocidal event to finish off his doomsday rampage: Wormwood. You can go read some of what Wormwood’s about and what some theorize it’s supposed to mean on Wikipedia, but it seems Travis has something a bit different in mind, if we’re to believe the evidence Dexter discovered. Nowhere in what I’ve read does it seem a poison gas translates to the prophecy of Wormwood. I’m wondering if the gas is either meant to simply accompany the true mayhem or the bottles Dexter found were decoys.

So Travis takes this poison … bomb, or whatever it is, and decides Miami Metro is the place to set it off. It being a poisonous gas, does he just sit it down in the lobby? Is putting it inside the building really enough to spread as much as he hopes it will? All along Travis has been indicating that his whole purpose for these killings was to bring upon the end of the world. How does a cloud of poison gas do that? A rare pathogen, OK. But poison gas? Weak. However, Travis picking Miami Metro as his first target means this: someone on the show’s not going to make it through to next season.

If I had to guess who’d die from the poison gas, I’d say it’s Quinn. He’s been on some weird, destructive course this season; there’s got to be a point to that. I could see him dying from saving Deb, finally redeeming himself for being a complete fuck up all season, including not being there as Batista’s backup in this episode. I don’t like that Quinn would die without the whole issue of him being highly suspicious of Dexter not being resolved, but that could always come up in some other form. Maybe he whispers something to Deb on his dying breath, or he’s left some notes that Deb discovers. I say “Deb” learns the truth because, really, could you see someone else learning the truth first?

Now that I’ve posted the theory about intern Louis, this episode really did a job of supporting it. Louis clearly has either a man crush on Dexter or highs him in familial high regard. So I guess that first person who learns Dexter’s secret could be Louis, if he doesn’t know already. I’m going with him not knowing yet.

A couple of parting thoughts for you: What use will Gellar’s dead hand be to Dexter on that “rainy day,” and will it come? What’s going to happen to the old Captain now that Deb knows his secret?

“He thinks Gellar is still alive.” – Dexter
“Talking to someone who isn’t there. Huh.” – Harry

“Time to play find the fuck pad.” – Dexter

“It’s so weird. His sister seemed so convinced he was a good guy.” – Deb
“Maybe she didn’t know.” – Dexter
“Anything’s possible.” – Deb

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3 Responses to “Dexter – Wormwood”

December 5, 2011 at 9:00 AM

It’s been a long time since I read Revelations, but the tableaus Travis has been staging have been portents, not inducements. The bodies left by the gas attack will simply be the next scene. I think the idea is that Travis and his two one disciple are trying, out of love, to help people by warning them to turn toward God so they can be saved from the destruction of the world. From what Travis told the Dorseys about them needing to stay out of jail, I guess God, being merciful, won’t bring about the End until the complete message has been sent, so as many people as possible have a chance to be saved. It needn’t match Biblical analysis exactly anyway, as Travis is only picking and choosing what to use to justify his own killings.

The next episode preview had spoilers regarding much of what you’ve written above, so I’m not sure if I should comment on them. If Quinn dies, I certainly won’t miss him with Mike there to partner with Angel. And how Deb handles Matthews’ secret will inform greatly how harshly and how publicly she will eventually deal with Dexter’s.

December 5, 2011 at 9:41 PM

Does anyone else gather from the next preview and from the scenes with the shrink, “he’s your safe place” that Deb and Dexter possibly hook up? I know that’s gross but was it just me who caught that vibe?? She almost appears to be encouraging it, by advising nit to change him, accept him being a chair. I’m just saying…

Re: intern Louis, I’m not to sure about nephew theory, I think it’s good, but I’m not so sure. Maybe Louis is a want to be killer, and is interested in blood splatter and how the blood talks to Dexter in order to figure out how to evade the police and Dexter, since Dexter works the crime scene… Any takers on that?? He figures if he know what they are looking for, he can clean the crime scene up and get away with murder and thus become the next big bad. Anyone else feeling this?

December 8, 2011 at 4:19 PM

Jester – Dex and Deb hooking up? No, it would be too weird and, in fact, grose, as long as they have been absolutly nothing but brother and sister since the beggining of the show. They were raised together and, come on, while talking to the shrink she said “He’s my brother” and not, for exaple, “He’s someone important” or something else.

Is it only me who’s surprised with Dexter calling 911. I mean, they (the 911) obviously record all the calls and they must have some sort of number identification system – they can easily find out who called, and if they found out that it was Dexter – how would he explein himself? The same thing appeared in the first episode of this season, when Dexter killed paramedics, but this thread was just suspended and nothing bad happened, but now? I just don’t believe that the police wouldn’t check who called with such an important information (as long as the DDK case is such a huge case and everyone are crazy about solving it).

Oh, and the puppy dog intern being Dexter’s nephew theory – I really like it, it’s very possible and would make a good case in the next season (for example if they would get close or if intern would found out Dexter’s secret)