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Grimm: The ultimate bromance

Is there anything hotter than two guys (almost) getting it on? How about three? If you thought Merlin and Arthur were hot, then check out ‘Grimm’!

I won’t lie. I find bromances between two hideously attractive men incredibly hot. Merlin and Arthur (Merlin)? Hot. Steve and Danno (Hawaii Five-O)? Hot. Luckily, Grimm has “bromanticism” in spades times two with Nick and his crime-fighting partner, Griffin, and Nick and his fairytale-fighting partner, Monroe. In the past two weeks, both “Game Ogre” and “Of Mouse and Man” have amped up the bromance level major league.

In “Game Ogre,” one of Griffin’s old arrests returns. While gunning for Griffin, he attacks and practically cripples Nick. I didn’t think anything was hotter than watching a shirtless hospital bed-bound Nick stare intensely at his partner Griffin (and vice versa), while the two made mutual vows to keep each other safe. I loved David Giuntoli’s eyes and Russell Hornsby’s masculine hotness. That’s right. I said “masculine hotness.” Seriously, I have never and will never sacrifice myself like that for a friend. So, watching Nick accept his beatdown to keep Hank safe, while watching Hank vowing to take down the ogre to keep Nick safe just made my bromantic heart cry.

While Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is more the goofy sidekick, I still find his intense dedication to Nick incredibly hot. Come on now, Monroe KILLED someone for Burkhardt. KILLED SOMEONE!!! And, not just anyone, he killed his own kind!! Seriously, aren’t there social laws against that?! He kills a badass ogre for Nick and just calls him to say, “It’s done.” Come on. He’s still a civilian, fairytale wolf notwithstanding. So, KILLING someone because his boyfriend doesn’t want to lose his other boyfriend just screams bromance times three.

I loved Monroe’s loyalty even more during this week’s “Of Mouse and Man.” In the side plot, a bunch of fairytale creatures kick the shit out of Monroe and branded him as the reaper’s bitch. I expected Monroe to have some type of fallback, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon (although it’s possible the ass-kicking gang didn’t know about Monroe’s elephant gun hunt). But, similar to Nick and Griffin in “Game Ogre,” we get two men sacrificing themselves for each other. Monroe lets Nick work his mouse hunt without mentioning his condition. When he’s finally in the know, Nick alternates between offering to track down the guys or sacrificing their friendship for Monroe’s safety. So, the final scene where a serious, hella-beat-up yet scruffy-looking Monroe re-pledges himself to Nick while telling the other creatures to ‘eff themselves? Hot.

So, if you love Merlin and Arthur’s fairytale friendship (Merlin) and Steve and Danno’s cop bromance (Hawaii Five-O), then you’ll love Grimm which features BOTH.

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One Response to “Grimm: The ultimate bromance”

January 26, 2012 at 9:35 AM

To be fair, Monroe would never count an ogre as his own kind. Remember, the various species are as often as not at each other’s throats, whether wolf and pig, bee and hexen, or ogre and probably anything else. As to laws and mores, the practices of the supernaturals seem a lot more savage and less enlightened than that of modern American humans.

The situation was even better than you described, though. Nick only asked Monroe to pick up the gun, load it, and give it to Burkhardt. I doubt he was expecting Monroe to take the kill shot any more than we were.

Also, if you want more of the above, I suggest checking out Michael Cudlitz and Ben McKenzie as training officer and rookie in season 1 of Southland. Intense stuff.

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