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South Park – Make bullying kill itself

Bullying grandmas, vajayjays, and smacking it in San Diego. Here are some choice quotes and lyrics from South Park's "Butterballs" episode. Read it! Now! Oh, what, now you gonna cwy?!

- Season 16, Episode 5 - "Butterballs"

“When was the last time you turned on a music video and didn’t see some chick strumming a guitar singing about her vajayjay?” – Cartman
“…” – Everyone else
“See, you can’t remember.” – Cartman

“So just get a bigger bully to beat the bully up.” – Craig
“Nah I don’t want kids calling me a cliche conflict resolution Kevin.” – Butters
“He has a point.” – Cartman

“At least somebody in this school has some balls.” – Girl
“I have balls.” – Cartman
“Yeah, little squishy bubble tea balls.” – Girl
“Still balls.” – Cartman

“Wassup? *smack* Huh? *smack* You think you’re tough, huh? *smack*” – Butters’ Grandma
“I just … don’t want you to pick on me no more Grandma.” – Butters
“Think you’re fucking tough, huh? *smack* You don’t look fucking tough.” – Grandma
“I don’t think I’m tough, Grandma.” – Butters
“No, you’re a little faggot. You got any more money? Huh?” – Grandma
“No! You took it all!” – Butters
“Why don’t you do something about it? *smack* Don’t something, ya little bitch. You’re Grandma’s bitch!” – Grandma

“Bullying needs to be stopped, now! This afternoon.” – Bucky Bailey
“Whu…uh…ye… Just … We …” – Mr. Mackey
“WHU…UH…YE….DUH! You may only have an Internet degree, but why don’t you start acting like a school councilor and not an uninformed backwards little dork, mmm-kay!?” – Bucky

“I asked your schoolmate Loraine here to help me out. Are you bullied in the school, Loraine?” – Bucky
“Yes.” – Loraine
“Kids pick on you, call you names?” – Bucky
“S…sometimes.” – Loraine
“What kinds of things do they say to you?” – Bucky
“Ugly … Nerd.” – Loraine
“Do they say ‘nice pants, why do you wear them up to your tits'” – Bucky
“… No.” – Loraine

Make Bullying Kill Itself – Lyrics

Bullying isn’t cool
Bullying is lame
Bullying is ugly
And has a stupid name

For a healthy world
Bullying’s unfit
And I think I know
What we should do to it

D-d-d-d-do to it

Let’s all get together
And make bullying kill itself
Bullying’s an ugly thing
Let’s shove its face in the dirt
And make bullying kill itself


Oh you like my body
Yeah c’mon let’s play
You can touch me anywhere
Except on my vajayjay

We can make it stop
We can stomp it out
We can beat its ass
Until it starts to cry

Let’s gang up on it
And tell it it smells
And beat its ass worse
If it ever tells

If-if-if it ever tells

Let’s all join together
To try to make bullying kill itself
It’ll be fun to see just how bad
We can make it be to make bullying kill itself


My heart says yes
But my vajayjay says no

Trapped inside the darkness of my mind
I try to break free but words are so unkind

Dork! …

“Kyle, I’m trying to make a difference.” – Stan
“OK. Just be careful you don’t end up naked and jacking it in San Diego.” – Kyle
“… What the hell does that mean?” – Stan

“Tell the movie studio you aren’t selling the video to them.” – Kyle
“This video could change how people think about bullying! It needs to be seen by everybody, Kyle!” – Stan
“If it needs to be seen by everybody, then why wouldn’t you put it on the Internet for free?” – Kyle
“… ” – Stan
“Well?” – Kyle
“Wh…what was the question again?” – Stan

“Like AIDS, bullying is escalating and is spread mostly by penises.” – Dr. Oz

“My child, have you ever heard of a place called Hell? It’s eternal fire, and it’s gonna hurt real bad.” – Jesus
“Uh…” – Movie producer
“Oh, what you gonna do, cwy now?” – Jesus

“Come to San Diego. There’s so much to see. From the sparkling waters of Mission Bay, to the warm tortillas of Old Town. And after a day of sightseeing, why not try spanking it on one of our charming city streets? San Diego. Come. Take a load off!” – Jerry Sanders, Mayor, San Diego

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

2 Responses to “South Park – Make bullying kill itself”

April 16, 2012 at 9:35 PM

I think “fancy” in the song is pansy and “smacking” is jacking (when kyle is talking to stan)

April 16, 2012 at 9:45 PM

Good call on the “pansy” part, but the “smacking” was from the song at the end. I think they said jacking, smacking and more there.

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