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Moroccan tagine, seared tuna, turnip green tart – Recipe Roundup

When I drool, I drool big, and every recipe in this week's roundup contributed to some serious chin wipe-age.

It’s been one of those weeks. I haven’t made a lot of original recipes that I love enough to share with you and I’ve been searching for inspirations. While a new mayonnaise free potato salad is in the works, these beauties have crossed my path this week and made me drool.

I love tagine. In fact, there’s almost nothing you can do to mess up a Moroccan one-pot meal. This tagine recipe from Mothering has chicken, chick peas and a unique twist: butternut squash. I’ve never had one with squash before and I bet I could hide it from Owen when it’s all covered in tomatoes….

We don’t cook tuna at home very often. Between the concerns of mercury and knowing whether or not it’s sushi grade (we like ours cooked rare) we tend to just eat it out once in a while. This recipe for seared tuna with olive-tapenade vinaigrette and arugula sounds like the perfect meal, but alas, I will probably never make it due to Keith’s aversion to olives. One can dream though….

There’s a lot I love about Heidi Swanson’s latest creation, the turnip green tart. It’s got a cornmeal crust, you can use spinach instead of turnip greens (which I never see in my area) and she only uses a bit of cream (I’d use Greek yogurt) and lots of flavorful broth. Did I mention it’s got mustard and crushed red pepper flakes?

What’s making you drool this week?

Photo Credit: norwichnuts / Flickr

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