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Recipe Roundup


Summer salads – Recipe Roundup

Sure, I eat salad all year round, but there’s something about summer that makes every type of salad universally appealing.

Salmon cakes, ribs and baked potatoes – Recipe Roundup

Not my usual light and summery fare this time of year. I’m hungry – what can I say? Ribs, hearty salmon cakes and baked potatoes are insanely appealing, even though it’s hot and sticky outside.

Prawns, polenta, quesadillas and tacos – Recipe Roundup

The salty, brined goodness of capers and olives unify these recipes that are on my ‘must cook’ list.

Frittata, soup, tartelettes, scones and hunger – Recipe Roundup

How did that recipe for a Cantonese dinner get in there amongst the salmon asparagus frittata, zucchini leek tartelettes, sweet potato soup and ginger pecan scones?

Braised short ribs and lamb shanks and other gems – Recipe Roundup

I’d be sad to lose these wonderful recipes, so saving them in a post benefits us all. Scottish salmon, tilapia, fennel gratin, Jamie Oliver’s Sloppy Joes and Portuguese chicken …

Five chocolate desserts … temptations abound

Yeah, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’m doing that stereotypical thing … searching for the perfect chocolate dessert. I know I don’t need an excuse to consume chocolate, but making something extra special for Valentine’s Day is selfishly romantic.

Poultry four ways – Recipe Roundup

Other than ground turkey in chili and Shepherd’s pie, I haven’t been preparing poultry very often as of late. When I look at this collection of recipes, it’s got me wondering why. …

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