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Debbie McDuffee

Bio: Debbie considers herself a reluctant TV watcher and still won't have TV on just for background noise. The shows she does watch she is passionate about though, enough to shush her husband Keith when he tries to talk to her during them!

Posts by Debbie McDuffee

Summer salads – Recipe Roundup

Sure, I eat salad all year round, but there’s something about summer that makes every type of salad universally appealing.

Salmon cakes, ribs and baked potatoes – Recipe Roundup

Not my usual light and summery fare this time of year. I’m hungry – what can I say? Ribs, hearty salmon cakes and baked potatoes are insanely appealing, even though it’s hot and sticky outside.

Scallops with summer squash and peas

An easy and unique quinoa and scallop recipe that’s beautiful and balanced. Sweet peas, salty capers and whole cumin seeds are the stars of this dish.

Soy-agave glazed carrots are a crowd pleaser

A wheat-free, gluten-free side dish with no unrefined sugar that everyone enjoyed? Yes, it really does exist!

Pasta, chicken, beef; slow cookers and substitutions – Mini Recipe Test Drives

Here’s what I’ve been cooking and loving … Mark Bittman, Good Housekeeping and Disney Family recipes in the same post. Now that’s eclectic … and possibly a little disturbing.

Coconut milk flan with palm sugar caramel

Yeah, you read that right – this is a completely dairy-free flan, which is impressive in and of itself. But would you believe it also has no refined sugar?

Prawns, polenta, quesadillas and tacos – Recipe Roundup

The salty, brined goodness of capers and olives unify these recipes that are on my ‘must cook’ list.

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