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Project Runway – The final elimination is emotional

"You may be out today. That's a really big gamble," from Nina in the judging preview before the runway show. Wow. Who makes it to Fashion Week in New York? Who is out?

- Season 8, Episode 13 - "Finale, Part 1"

Last week, I posted a poll asking who you wanted to see make it to the Fashion Week runway show. The results were very top heavy at 93% for Mondo and Andy, 70% for Michael, and only 17% for Gretchen. Most of you should be fairly happy that Mondo and Andy made it. I thought the bottom two would be Andy and Gretchen and based on Heidi’s comments about Gretchen’s designs, Andy would be out. But, as has become the pattern this season, Gretchen puts out moderately tolerable or hideous designs, but is rewarded with a “you are in.” So, it came down to Michael and Andy. I knew Andy was in when Heidi smiled at him in a knowing way before saying his 11th look was the judges’ favorite.

Regarding the designs, I loved Mondo’s 3-look collection the best and ¬†felt the other designers put rather “meh” choices down the runway. In the end, I would have kept Michael over Gretchen. But, the producers and judges have kept her around this long, so why let her go now? I was hit hard by Michael’s reaction to being out. It was such an honest, unrestrained reaction. The utter disappointment and feelings of failure he displayed in that moment felt so real.

Michael’s breakdown was heartbreaking and I was hopeful that, as in past seasons, the final four did all have collections go down the runway. I have stayed spoiler-free throughout the season, but decided to go and look online to see which designers had runway shows during Fashion Week. The answer shocked me. Since the final three are already decided, I think it is safe to say which designers actually presented in addition to the finalists: Casanova, Ivy, Valerie, Christopher, April, Michael D, and Michael C was also there. So, surprisingly, the final 10 designers all got to show at Fashion Week. While they weren’t in the competition for the grand prize, just getting the opportunity to showcase their designs is huge.

Next week, we get a two-hour finale! For tonight’s poll, did the judges make the right decision tonight?

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3 Responses to “Project Runway – The final elimination is emotional”

October 22, 2010 at 11:53 AM

I actually think April should be there instead of Gretchen. I was really worried that Andy would be out because for some reason they love Michael’s boringness and Gretchen’s horrible lack of color. Of course Heidi has no color either so she can’t really complain about that.

Are you sure that all 10 got to show? I’m pretty sure what they normally do is have the winning dresses shown o nthe runway.

I’m not a fan of Michael’s, my mom thought he was straight because he has a child. I’m like “Yeah…and?”. I have a lot of gay friends and all of them seem to be trying to impress their parents, so I say this…

F*#K YOUR PARENTS! Micheal made it on the show, made it to the top and if his parents still can’t feel proud of him because he’s gay than F*#K THEM!!! Be proud of yourself and F$*K the rest who aren’t!

October 22, 2010 at 8:18 PM

I agree. I liked April better.

I did a search online and saw the collections of all 10 designers. There are quite a few websites showing them and youtube videos.

I get what you are saying about Michael’s parents, but I also can understand his wanting to show them he could succeed at his dream. I hope they see how successful he was on the show and accept him for who he is … if not, I hope he at least is proud of himself and holds his head up high.

October 24, 2010 at 5:30 AM

I got sooo sad with Michael’s reaction! And I thought Gretchen’s 3 pieces were ugly, so I was disappointed to see her stay.

Regarding the 10 collections: since Fashion Week is so ahead of PR’s finale, all the designers that up to that moment are in the competition have a runway show. That way there are no spoilers. Some blogs do try to guess which ones are the real finalists, since they tend to put more effort into their work.

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