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Quotation Marks – The Voice owns the week

Take a look back at the week in quotes, as the Clique offers up our favorites of the week. If we missed yours, share it in the comments!

As you might be able to tell, there are some folks walking the halls of CliqueClack HQ that might just be a little addicted to NBC’s The Voice. Heck, the show was compelling enough in its first episode to get me to watch, so that’s saying something. I, however, don’t love the show so much that I can be blinded into thinking that Christina didn’t butcher Queen in the opening number, like other unnamed people did … Or thinking that Blake and Adam should get married and live on “Bro Island” together.

The Voice (Review)

“You shaved your head. You’ll never get through a metal detector. You’re a rock guy.” — Blake to Jared

“Does that make you think about your team next week?” — Carson to Adam after Beverly’s performance
“About destroying? Yes.” — Adam
“The only thing Adam can destroy are his pants.” — Christina

“Was it your idea to have the four mimes?” — Blake to Christina about the dancers in Lily Elise’s performance

“You’re so much bigger than everybody else, Blake, you’re like this giant person.” — Adam
“Taller, or…?” — Blake
“Taller. Taller. Length.” — Adam
“That’s what she said.” — Blake
“… Really?” — Adam

“First of all: Christina Aguilera wants to do it with you.” — Adam to Patrick
“You and Blake want to do it with each other.” — Christina to Adam
“We’ll deal with that later.” – Adam

The Bachelorette (Review)

“I’m going to make Ashley cry … I hope my hair looks okay.” – Bentley

South Park (Read more quotes here)

“Look at these two pictures. One of them is an ad for Kevin James’ new movie, The Zookeeper, and the other is a turd in a microwave. Which one is the ad for The Zookeeper?” – Stan
“They both look the same.” – Stan

Around the Horn

“I think if he comes on this show, he’ll just sit on you, Plaschke.” – host Tony Reali to panelist Bill Plaschke, after it was jokingly suggested that Shaquille O’Neal might visit with some choice words for Plaschke

Quotes from the Ether

“I don’t know choreography! I’m in a band!” – The Voice’s Adam Levine during rehearsal for the Queen medley

“I’m trusting you, America, to not screw this up for me.” — Adam when asked about the live vote for tomorrow’s quarterfinals

The Virgin Diaries

Entourage (Diary)

“Let me get this straight. She convinces you to get these extravagant accommodations and then she bails?” – Drama
“She didn’t bail, she got sick. Before the date, unlike your girls, that get sick when they arrive.” – Eric

“Vince is a born superstar and we will always have the money we need.” — Turtle, responding to worries about Vince’s finances
“MC Hammer could’ve used a guy like you, Turtle, back in the day.” — Ari

Mad Men (Diary)

“It wasn’t a lie; it was ineptitude with insufficient cover.” – Don

“Direct marketing? I thought of that. Turned out it already existed, but I arrived at it independently!” – Pete

True Blood (Diary)

“Giving vampire blood to Jason is like giving Ho-Hos to a diabetic. You know he can’t control himself!” – Tara

“Sookie, you have no future with a vampire!” – Sam
“They don’t die. I’ve got nothing but a future with one.” – Sookie

“Suppose she gets pregnant. How in the world can she nurse a baby with fangs?” – Arlene


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