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The Secret Circle – Who’s wearing the black hats?

As Cassie continues to integrate herself into Chance Harbor, she learns more and more about her family's history. Unfortunately, it is not all sunshine. lollipops and rainbows.

- Season 1, Episode 3 - "Loner"

It would be cliché to say that things are not what they seem in Chance Harbor … but, in fact, things are not what they seem in Chance Harbor. The first couple of episodes of The Secret Circle created the illusion that the battle lines would be drawn between the kids of the current circle, and what remains of their parent’s circle. I’m not sure, however, that Dawn and Charles are the only people that the kids need to worry about … or even the ones they need to worry about the most.

In a lot of ways, the town’s history is the show’s best mystery. So far, I’m enjoying the way the writers are slowly peeling back the layers of the story. Sure, I am still interested in figuring out exactly what Charles and Dawn have up their sleeves in the present. That curiosity, though, pales in comparison to my desire to learn exactly what happened to bring about the end of their circle. The hints that Amelia may have done something to Heather before the fire opens up a whole new set of questions: Was Cassie’s mother actually “good?” What about the circle as a whole? Cassie’s father wasn’t a good man, so why have I always assumed that her mother was?

While I am asking questions, I’m surprised the younger circle isn’t asking some of their own. The way Dawn swept the whole incident at the school under the rug comes across as just a bit too convenient for my tastes. If I were in the position that the circle collectively is — trying to keep their actions secret — I’d likely distrust everything. If Dawn and Charles’s actions to manipulate the circle continue to be this overt, I hope that the kids begin to suspect the motives of their elders.

For someone who was supposedly a big “loner” at her previous school, Cassie sure has made several friends in a short time period. I don’t even mean the circle, because I’m not sure “friends” is the right word. But there’s Luke and Sally (Well, there was Luke; I doubt he’d still consider himself a friend). When I was in high school, loners didn’t agree to decorate for dances. If Cassie was really a loner, I wish she’d act more like one.

“I really like you Cassie; I want us to be friends,” is it just me, or is Diana looking to be a whole heck of a lot more mean girl than Faye?

What did you think about “Loner?”

Notes & Quotes

  • We’ve only seen it from Nick and Melissa, but I have a feeling all of the kids are bit too mature for their own good.
  • Sad enough that the kids were able to hack into the school system so quickly, but, seriously, what is the likelihood that school records from that long ago would be digitized?
  • I spent some time this summer lamenting over the fact that Camille Sullivan wasn’t getting enough work, so I’m happy to see someone that looks very much like her in the previews for next week.

The Secret Circle Welcome to Chance Harbor [41XHoxYYoGL. SL160 ] (IMAGE)  The Secret Circle Welcome to Chance Harbor [41Mjygx8lzL. SL160 ] (IMAGE)  The Secret Circle Welcome to Chance Harbor [41VZK6TFABL. SL160 ] (IMAGE)




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