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Chuck – The return of the Intersect

Sarah decides they should leave the spy world, but of course, there is one last mission. And, it involves the intersect, Frosted Tips, and Bo Derek. Will they all come back from the mission?

- Season 5, Episode 10 - "Chuck Versus Bo"

Sarah wants to quit the spy business? I’m actually not surprised by this development. Ever since she first met Chuck she has been looking for the normalcy in her life that she never had. She is now married, has a loving extended family, and a solid group of friends. The spy world puts that at risk on a daily basis.

When the idea of making Carmichael Industries a non-spy related business, Sarah worried about how she would fit into that world. Now, she has seen that it is possible. Most importantly, she came to this decision on her own. Carmichael Industries — a counter cyberterrorism company. A brilliant solution for everyone involved!

This new venture made me smile, until she said “one last mission.” In the world of Chuck, that is a problem. After the last episode, I mentioned that I wasn’t satisfied with the intersect storyline. There had to be more, right? Well, there’s more, but not exactly what I expected.

The Frosted Tips Morgan won’t go away. Morgan with the intersect came and went so quickly that it was nice to revisit that time without the arrogant and annoying Morgan. Plus, Bo Derek! You can’t go wrong with that. The flashbacks ended up being hilarious, rather than annoying.

I’m not sure that adding another pair of intersect glasses to the mix this close to the end was a good idea. I’m willing to go along for the ride, but this new Big Bad, Quinn, better tie into the previous story beyond just having worked with Fulcrum, The Ring and Volkoff.

Also good for causing problems, Jeff and Lester. They weren’t easy to get off the spy trail. In the end, will they be let in on the secret? If Carmichael Industries leaves the Buy More, will they bring Jeff and Lester in to work on the computer side of the business? Though, I’m not sure they could stand working with Lester. The new Jeff, not a problem, but Lester … not sure.

So, Chuck was kidnapped … again. (Yes, they definitely need to leave the spy business behind!) And, Sarah and Casey walked right into a trap (I have an issue with this. They are experienced and would never do that, even for Chuck. But, I’ll suspend my irritation because of how it ended). Quinn refused to trade Chuck for the intersect, because they needed him. Why?

Sarah and Casey are surrounded without enough ammunition to fight their way out. Sarah did the only thing she knows to save them … became the Intersect. On the surface, that doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice, but knowing what it did to Morgan makes it one. She took a long term risk to get them out of the situation. It broke my heart to see her put on those glasses. But, she kicked ass as the Intersect!

What now? Will they be able to save Chuck? Will the Intersect destroy Sarah’s brain? She was just recently given a deadly poison that almost killed her. How much can her body take?

There are three hours of Chuck left. I’m looking for a happy ending!

Odds and Ends

  • X13 gas — Convenient that it’s existence showed up just now. And, that both Casey and Quinn had access to it.
  • “What am I Chief Googler?” — Casey
  • “Well, it doesn’t change the plan. It just means we have one last mission” — Sarah
    “Why would she….” — Morgan
    “No!” — Chuck
    “Come on, Walker” — Casey
    “What?” — Sarah
    “Things never turn out well when you say, ‘one last mission.'” — Chuck
    “Is this because of some stupid movie?” — Sarah
    “Yes” — Chuck and Morgan in unison
    “You never say ‘one last mission.'” — Casey
    “Never.” — Chuck
  • Rainbows — I will never look at them the same way. It is going to be difficult not to chuckle everyone uses this word.
  • “Don’t Trust Bo Derek” — Morgan’s lip tattoo
  • Quinn crossed the line when he suggested that Chuck would never have gotten Sarah without the intersect. Well, maybe. But, it was mean!
  • The Vail Buy More and its similarities to their Buy More was a nice touch.

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