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Is a happy ending possible for Chuck and Sarah?

Going into the finale, Chuck and Sarah's world is turned upside down. "Chuck Versus the Bullet Train" puts their happy ending in doubt!

- Season 5, Episode 11 - "Chuck Versus the Bullet Train"

It’s hard to believe that Chuck is actually coming to an end, but also surprising that the show even made it to five seasons. In a way, this season was the best to watch because there was never a fear that episodes wouldn’t air or that the season would end on an unanswered cliffhanger. This season, Chuck has been building towards a planned end, which has been a relief.

I certainly didn’t expect what happened in “Chuck Versus the Bullet Train!” Sarah has lost her memory, really? And, with only two hours remaining? These last two hours are either going to be brillant or leave much to be desired. I’m remaining positive at this point. The show has rarely let me down.

When Morgan got rid of the Intersect, it seemed that the Intersect story was coming to an end. What a surprise that Sarah, who doesn’t need it to be an amazing spy, would end up becoming an Intersect. Unfortunately, she liked using it a bit too much and after 40 uses within a short time it fried her brain.

It was fun to see Chuck watch her use it without knowing she had it. I’m not sure how long she could have kept it up though even if she didn’t slip and mention “flashing.” I looked forward to Sarah using this experience to better understand what Chuck had gone through as the Intersect.

Unfortunately, the writers had other plans. Quinn, who is kinda lame as an adversary compared to those that have come before, took Sarah hostage, wiped her memory, and assigned her a mission to take out Chuck.

Will Quinn’s plan work? Or, will Sarah’s love for Chuck overcome her memory loss? The time that Chuck and Sarah spent in the train car talking about their future and even drawing a picture of it is now bittersweet. In the end, will they be able to find their way back together and to their white-picket fence surrounded home with a baby?

I hope so. They deserve a happy ending!

Odds and Ends

  • Chuck’s wedding ring is a lock pick? Pretty smart idea!
  • Did Casey betray Sarah and Chuck by messaging them on the train? Or, was he doing what he had to in order to protect not only Alex, but them as well? I think he figured the only chance they had was for him to go along with Quinn. They almost got away with it … almost.
  • Nice trunk full of artillery, Casey! Wouldn’t have expected anything less.
  • Lester and Jeff finally know the truth. Nice move putting sugar in the gas tank! I went back and forth about whether I wanted to them brought into the secret or not. In the end, I’m glad they know. When we get our happy ending, they can go work at Carmichael Industries.
  • In the finale, will there be any surprise visitors? Papa or Mama Bartowski? Bryce Larkin? Volkoff? Fulcrum? The Ring? Alex’s mother? C.A.T.s? One of their many other allies or enemies? I’d love to see Bryce, Stephen or Mary return. I’m guessing there will be at least one surprise return.
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One Response to “Is a happy ending possible for Chuck and Sarah?”

January 26, 2012 at 10:08 AM

I want to see Bryce too! I’m a big fan of Matt Bomer. :D

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