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Being Human – Josh and Aidan do the monster mash

Aidan and Josh get their groove things on (that's what the kids are calling it these days, right?) with their ladies, and Sally wants a baby as we move further into season 2.

- Season 2, Episode 3 - "All Out of Blood"

Being Human — because we need to get our “monsters having really good sex” fix in between True Blood seasons! OK, that’s not the only reason I watch this show, but when you have such good looking men (and ladies) in your cast … well, why not? It seems one of the perks of being a vampire or werewolf in almost any sci-fi show is getting to have awesome sex … as long as the sex doesn’t end in murder, of course. And I think the TV-14 rating works in the show’s favor. Despite True Blood‘s tendency to show almost everything, Being Human just goes to show that you don’t need nudity to have a show be super hot. Sam Huntington and Kristen Hager have serious chemistry, plus Sam Witwer does lustful very well.

Of course, the ex coming back into Josh’s life was a bit of a mood-killer. I honestly can’t believe I didn’t see it coming, especially when she talked about her ex being empty inside. That being said, right before Josh turned around I had that flash of “Oh, I bet they know each other.” I just forgot about his ex … it didn’t help that I always pictured her as a blonde. Anyway, I have to give Nora credit for not blaming Josh for the awkward morning and for defending him later. As far as the ending … I will guarantee you the video tapes will come back to bite them in the ass later. Mark my words, the ex will find them or someone outside the group will find them. The tapes will come back.

I’m on the fence with the Sally storyline. On the one hand, I find the idea of ghosts taking over babies’ bodies incredibly creepy … while I get that they’re sick, it’s still a human soul that’s possibly getting pushed out for another soul. I find that disturbing. I also have to wonder how Aidan and Josh haven’t noticed the long line of ghosts by the nursery before. However, I did like Zoey the nurse. I couldn’t find the name of the actress who played her, but I hope the character stays around. It was funny to see how they got around explaining Aidan and Josh to her, as well as their awkward lying about being psychic.

I know one of the themes of this season is Aidan going down an either darker path, and already we’re seeing that dark side. Vampires and drug allegories go hand in hand, but I’m never seen it work quite so well as in Being Human. The way he describes going cold turkey and binging feels like something out of Intervention rather than Twilight … and that’s a good thing. His giant, blood-veiled grin at the end of the episode said it all. While I really like all the actors on the show, Sam Witwer is the most fascinating actor to watch in his role.

All the best quotes:

“I’m not trying to be a wet blanket, but the last person you dated was Rebecca. And that ended badly. With death. With lots of death.” — Josh

“When do we get to meet her? Or when does Josh get to meet her and I get to stand there and judge her silently?” — Sally

“When you say ‘enjoying each other’s company,’ that’s code for … tapping that ass, yes? Are we clear?” — Sally
“You are a classy lady.” — Aidan

“Ok, Dawson? Pacey? Forget about Joey and get your A-games on.” — Sally to Aiden and Josh

Photo Credit: Syfy

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