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Being Human – Truth’s a beast

Even though their stories have diverged through the seasons, the trials and tribulations of the 'Being Human' trio remains similar on the US and UK versions.

Kay’s back Guest-Clacking for us again, after sharing her thoughts about Community with us last time.

For two seasons on Being Human, we have followed Josh, Sally, and Aidan through their trials and tribulations. I’d say that they’ve faced more than most people have.

Why? They’re not human, even though they really want to be. All three of them have gone to great lengths to become “normal” (whatever that is). The second season, I felt, they worked very hard at finding some sort of normalcy.

Josh, for example, decided not to go to medical school and focus on finding a cure for himself and his on-again-off-again girlfriend. Aidan tried to have a relationship (first with a human and then with a vampire). Sally decided to possess people to get her human fix. All of these events ended in catastrophe.

How? Sally went psycho and then ended up in purgatory. Aidan fell off the blood wagon, his vampire girlfriend was staked, and he ended up being buried alive. And last, but not least, Josh got the short end of the stick.

Josh’s ex-fiancé ended up hit by a car, dying and getting her door. Nora turned feral after losing her baby and ended up murdering her ex-boyfriend, among others. And Josh possibly ended up being killed by either Ray or Nora (I’ll have to see what season three has in store to find out who actually died there); kinda bleak for the lovable werewolf.

Of course, the characters in the U.S. weren’t the only ones trying to find their human side. George, Mitchell, and Annie in the U.K. version of Being Human also have struggled with finding their original roots in the mortal world. This fight was most prominent in season one.

Annie wanted to be seen by the living. Mitchell wanted to stop feeding. And George wanted to do everything in his power to suppress his wolfish nature.

However, the supernatural world had other plans, as we see in the second season. Evil spirits pulled Annie into purgatory. Mitchell is forced to help his fellow vampires, ultimately being sucked right back into the bloody and ruthless life he’d tried to avoid (I couldn’t help the pun there). And George has to take responsibility for his wolf side after turning Nina.

All of these beloved characters of the U.K. show have had to come to terms with their lives being extraordinary and beastly, even though they don’t like it or want to. What they are is a fact of life. Will Josh, Sally, and Aidan come to terms with the truth, or will they keep denying the fact they will never be normal? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Photo Credit: BBC/Syfy

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3 Responses to “Being Human – Truth’s a beast”

May 24, 2012 at 1:41 PM

When is the next season of the US show scheduled to air?

May 24, 2012 at 4:10 PM

Can’t find that the premiere date has been released yet, just that as of February it has definitely been renewed.

May 24, 2012 at 7:56 PM

I am sure in Janaury

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