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Lost Girl – Bo’s got some scary new powers

"Lost Girl" delivers a fun episode this week that does a good job of integrating an interesting Case of the Week with the season long mystery. Oh, and what's up with Bo's scary new powers?

- Season 2, Episode 8 - "Death Didn't Become Him"

Lost Girl delivers its funnest episode in a while this week, and it manages to finally figure out the problem of merging the season arc with the Case of the Week. Also, Bo develops some scary-awesome new powers. And, perhaps not coincidentally, there is no fae pun in the title!

In terms of the season arc, we waste no time geting back to the Nail of Destiny that Bo and Lauren received in the last episode. Bo also “meets” Nadia and thinks she’s pretty. Does she really need to be jealous of a comatose woman? Turns out that the nail is — I swear I am not making this up–an African Shaman’s cursing nail, and they need to find Nadia’s nail in a piece of wood somewhere. Too bad Lauren wasted years trying to cure a disease Nadia doesn’t have; too bad Lauren is clearly torn about her feelings for Bo. It’s probably a no-no to kiss your new girlfriend in front of the old comatose one.

The case of the week was super creepy and intriguing, involving some human flesh eating fae. To make it even creepier, Christoph seems to have been “collected” by The Lich into his exotic zoo, which he uses to hold “salons.” That is so nineteenth century decadent.

Bo actually gets shot for Lauren rather than performing the succubus thing at The Lich’s command. Then she becomes like a succubus Dark Phoenix and saves the day, though not without killing The Lich’s innocent captives. Aside from that, it’s kind of awesome, and I am sure we will be learning more about these powers as the season goes on.

It’s nice to see Hale get his own B-plot. His interactions with Kenzi and Tori were the kind of fun that I was missing from this show last week. Why keep Tori in a bar if she’s supposed to be bored, though? I won’t quibble, though, because we got to see Kenzi eyeing a shirtless Hale. I always thought there was a little something there. I am now very curious to see where that, along with the rest of the season goes.

Notes and Quotes:

  • Makes sense that there would be dealers in organic human meat with “farmers” if there are fleash-eating fae. Shudder
  • Lauren  on why she wants Bo to “meet” Nadia: “Look, if somebody that I slept with and care about told me that they had a girlfriend in a coma trapped inside a top-secret facility run by a society of uber-humanoids called the fae, I’d think it was a blow-off.”
  • Tori  to Hale: “Are you as boring as Dyson??” I kinda hope that is meant to be  a meta joke!
  • Gary the butcher to flesh-eating fe: “Sometimes a flesh-eater is too tired to get out of bed, go to the fridge, know what I mean?
  • Dyson: “There’s a Lich in town. Stole one of Trick’s friends from the grave. It’s stressing everyone out.”
  • Hale on his cousin: “Only siren I knew who was tone deaf. Make your ears bleed.”
  • Kenzi to Hale: “Thank you for not selling me to a psycho-face socialite.”

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2 Responses to “Lost Girl – Bo’s got some scary new powers”

June 12, 2012 at 2:44 PM

Bo didn’t get new powers … she just discovered the powers she does have … as she is no ordinary Succubus. It all (or at least most of it) makes sense by the finale though

June 12, 2012 at 2:48 PM

I meant “new”as in “new to her” and also, “new to us viewers.”I didn’t mean to imply that she had just developed them, not that I would know that without having seen the whole season. They seemed innate and just-discovered to me, though. I could tell they mean she’s not ordinary. I wrote that late last night, so sorry if my wording created unneeded confusion!

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