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Bio: I'm the founder of the CliqueClack network. I was editor for Aol's TV Squad for three years, having also written for several other blogs in the Weblogs, Inc. network. I'm also a full-time IT Manager for a web company in Massachusetts.

Posts by Keith McDuffee

Who dies on Warehouse 13? Nobody.

Shows like ‘Warehouse 13′ need to stick with apocalyptic-level danger and stop fooling us into thinking main characters are expendable, because I’m not buying it.

Breaking Bad – Where can Skyler go from here?

Since this season’s premiere of ‘Breaking Bad’, we’ve seen that Skyler is more than unhappy with her life at the moment. Now the question isn’t how far Skyler will go to protect her family, but what valis choices she has to consider.

Thanks to A&E’s Coma press kit, my new lunch box rocks

A&E’s miniseries ‘Coma’ press kit initially had me wondering just how far these networks were going to go with promoting their shows.

Nathan Fillion’s reddit IAmA … in Denver

If you’ve been awaiting Nathan Fillion’s “Ask Me Anything” on, look no further than … Denver?

Leap Year – A startup story web series with an impressive array of guests

Web series ‘Leap Year’ follows a small band of entrepreneurs in their quest for start-up success and glory, with some notable guest stars spread throughout.

Breaking Bad – Vaminos Pest

The first spoils of the Walt/Jesse/Mike business come into play on ‘Breaking Bad’, and it’s quickly made much smaller. Plus, Walter leaves Jesse with an ominous call-back to the beginning of season four — what does it mean?

Dark Knight, Amber Benson’s Dust Up, and Expendables 2 – Flicks Finds

We had a few things of note happening over on CliqueClack Flicks, ad we thought we’d quickly highlight them over here in case you missed ‘em!

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