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Wait! There was a This Is Spinal Tap week … ?!?

Yes! There was! All the links are contained below for your dining and dancing pleasure. We made it easy for you because that’s what we do … and because (most of us) are good people.

by Michael Noble

SDCC – A virgin’s view

My fellow Clackers who’d been to Comic-Con in San Diego have referred to me as “Sweet Summer Child” for months, as this would be my first attendance. Now I know why!

by Tara Shrodes

Some favorite moments from the 2012 edition of Comic-Con

The Blue Demon … er … Michael offers a few Comic-Con moments from the many that occurred … allegedly and otherwise.

by Michael Noble

Grimm – Nick Burkhardt turns badass

Everyone “loses their head” in this episode of ‘Grimm.’ Monroe forgets his story, Eisbiber go off on uncharacteristic tangents and a couple Reapers … well …

by Michael Noble

House cleaning over at The X Factor

Host and judges get ousted from Simon Cowell’s Americanized version of ‘American Idol’ … and (for the most part) I’m feeling good.

by Michael Noble

The (faux) Ferris Bueller sequel commercial

So … who got duped into thinking the ten-second Matthew Broderick Honda teaser (which we didn’t *know* was a Honda teaser at the time) was a ‘things-to-come’ sequel to ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ … ?

by Michael Noble

Will a 16-episode season compromise the quality of The Walking Dead?

Jump up and click your heels! Season 3 is 16 episodes! But … is it too much for AMC to handle?

by Michael Noble
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