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Community’s weird and wacky season three finale – Open Letters

Why can’t I get on board the ‘Community’ fandom train? It’s everything a great show should be. …

by Guest Clacker

Supernatural’s Castiel: Why giveth only to taketh away? – Open Letters

Why, oh why, would the writers of ‘Supernatural’ bring back Castiel, only to have him sit in a psych ward? I’m hoping the writers have a higher plan for this beloved character in the last two episodes of the season.

by Debbie McDuffee

Seven ways Smash can improve – Open Letters

Dear ‘Smash’ producers, you’ve reduced the most unique premise and talented actors to cardboard constructs. But, I’ve assembled seven suggestions that you can use to improve. No need to thank me. You’re welcome.

by An Nicholson

Has anyone seen my self respect?

I’ve already been caught up in the overwhelming wave of peer pressure by subscribing to one Super Bowl ad … but that’s the *last* time it will happen.

by Michael Noble

Chuck – A tribute to Adam Baldwin

As I prepare for the ‘Chuck’ series finale, I give a salute to the man behind Colonel John Casey: the tough, talented and surprisingly sweet Adam Baldwin.

by Brittany Frederick

Sherlock – The best show America doesn’t know

This past month, ‘Sherlock’ elevated itself to (in my opinion) the best damn show on television. And most Americans don’t even know it exists.

by Katie Schenkel

Will a 16-episode season compromise the quality of The Walking Dead?

Jump up and click your heels! Season 3 is 16 episodes! But … is it too much for AMC to handle?

by Michael Noble
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