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Ratings Clack – Game of Thrones returns to series high numbers

Things are very good for the denizens of Westeros. HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ returned for season two at series high levels. The news wasn’t so good for the other big cable premiere for the week, ‘The Killing’. That was was down from the end of the first season.

by Brett Love

Californication’s season closes with a whimper

Really, another Hank overdose? And this time alongside a woman so that Karen thinks he was stepping out on her? How many old stories needed to be recycled to put this finale together?

by Aryeh S.

Ratings Clack – Mad Men returns at record levels

The big story last week was the premiere of ‘Mad Men’, which returned from an extended hiatus to record viewing levels. Over on the networks, week two of ‘Touch’ raises some questions and the prospects for ‘Community’ continue to improve.

by Brett Love

Californication – Thanking the Chairman

I’m all for Hank coming out ahead on the show, but I haven’t been able to understand why Karen would keep throwing herself at Hank this season. I understand their connection, but nothing that Batesy put her through negates everything that Hanks done.

by Aryeh S.

Ratings Clack – Dancing With The Stars and Touch premiere, fall short of Walking Dead

ABC and FOX had big premieres for ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and ‘Touch’ last week, but both were overshadowed by the crazy numbers AMC brought in with the season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’.

by Brett Love

Ratings Clack – Community returns to season highs

There was good news for ‘Community’ fans last week, as the show hit season highs in the ratings. And there was bad news for ‘Luck’ fans, as the previously renewed second season was abruptly canceled. HBO giveth, and HBO taketh away.

by Brett Love

Californication – Get some pride Kali!

There’s nothing wrong with romancing Scott Michael Foster, but how many guys can Kali possibly rotate through in a twelve episode television season?

by Aryeh S.
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